Camp Parent 07.10.18

10 Fun Items for Visiting Day Care Packages

While the best thing to bring on Visiting Day is yourself (and a willingness to participate in your camper’s new favorite activities!), here are some fun gift ideas that your camper is sure to enjoy!

  1. Custom Jewish camp swag*

    From blankets to bracelets, pillows to pinnies, let your camper show some Jewish camp pride with the custom gear at Yessirr.
    *Owned by Jewish camp alumni

    Camp Bracelets.PNG

  2. A Mixtape Card game

    Cassette tapes may be a thing of the past, but mixtapes and camp still go hand in hand.  This game will inspire your camper to share music and memories with their camp friends.  Deal us in.

  3. Summer Camp Journal & Activity Book

    In addition to recording their camp adventures, your camper can play games with their bunkmates in this adorable journal.

  4. Friendship Bracelet-Inspired Ear Buds

    These colorful wrapped earbuds look just like friendship bracelets and are perfect for some down-time music listening at rest hour.

  5. Bunk Decor in a Box*

    Have a camper with a summer birthday, or just want to surprise them with some festive bunk decorations?  Check out the Bunk Boxes and Birthday Boxes over at Door Decor!
    *Owned by a Jewish camp alum

    Birthday Box.jpeg

  6. A Tie-Dye Crazy Creek Chair

    This lightweight, portable chair is comfy, fun, and supportive.  (And as a bonus, it won’t take up much room in your camper’s luggage on the way home!)

  7. Camp mad-Libs

    When it comes to writing letters home, many campers suddenly develop writer’s block. Help them out by giving them some camp-themed, fill-in the blank letters, but be prepared for some wacky letters home!

  8. Jewish Camp Food jewelry*

    Get your kiddo a s’mores pendant necklace to wear on Shabbat from Sweet Stella Designs, or even better, some gefilte fish earrings!  (We’re pining over this epic Jewish food bracelet…)
    *Owned by a Jewish camp alum

  9. LED Glasses for the whole bunk

    Share the love and get your camper something silly to share with their bunkmates.

  10. A Keepsake Volleyball

    A volleyball that doubles as a keepsake for your camper’s bunkmates’ autographs?  Genius!

  11. BONUS: Canteen Money

    Don’t want to schlep so much stuff with you?  No worries.   Put some shekels in their Canteen account, and let them choose their own goodies!