#88DaysofJewishCamp 06.12.17



Last week we introduced #87DaysofJewishCamp to mark the opening day of summer at Jewish camps across North America. Over 11,000 campers and college-aged counselors will be making lifelong memories for the next 87 days.

We’re celebrating the 87 days of Jewish Camp by bringing you the most epic bucket list ever. We’re here to help you prepare for camp, make the most of camp while you’re there and remember the amazing summer you had. Make sure that, come September, your camper isn’t wishing they had that one extra s’more or took a leap and rode the zip-line for the first time.

Click here to catch up on last week’s bucket list items! And don’t forget to also check out our Instagram on how these bucket list items are coming to life at camps across North America.


  • Choose a favorite Israeli dance and make it YOUR JAM this summer (maybe Golden Boy??)
  • Start a grateful journal, & write down something you’re thankful for every night (PACK a journal!)
  • Give your counselor an extra hug
  • Roll down a grassy hill (not in your Shabbat whites of course)