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The Virtual Staff Lounge

The staff lounge is the best.  A place to grab a nap or some air conditioning, check in with the outside world, or maybe even to learn something new. Mostly, it’s a space that’s all about YOU in a world that’s all about the campers.  And that’s what the Virtual Staff Lounge is all about too – YOU!

Welcome to Jewish camp’s online home for college students and young adults; a place to learn about upcoming events and programs, jobs and internships, and resources of all kinds.   Whether you’re a current camp staff person, a camp alum, or haven’t yet experienced camp before, check out these incredible opportunities to learn, build your network, connect and make a difference!  

*The Virtual Staff Lounge is currently under construction, thanks for your patience while we get our new look together

Opportunities & Resources

  • Upcoming Programs & Opportunities
  • Cornerstone Fellowship & Alumni Network
  • The FJC Fellowship
  • Machane Olami: The Global Jewish Camp Fellowship
  • Summer 2020 Programs & Internships

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Upcoming Events and Programs

Racial Justice Learn In | Yom Iyyun

Join for a day of learning on racial justice as a Jewish community. This day will be multifaceted. It will provide space to speak about white supremacy, to discuss the nature of racism in Jewish life, and to hold up the diversity of our Jewish community. We are building a big, wide tent for this gathering, as we come together to confront white supremacy, learn from many JOC teachers, and hold up the diversity of our Jewish community. While there are many times we cannot all come together because of conflicting philosophies or differing political opinions or ritual observances, we believe that there are some moments where we can and must be together, and anti-Black racism should bring us all to the table. Showing up to learn about racial justice is simply much bigger than what divides us. We invite you to pull up a chair and to jump into the messy work together.

This day of learning is brought to you by Base, with support from Hillel International, key leaders who are Jews of Color, and many other valued organizations. Foundation for Jewish Camp is a co-sponsor.

When? Sunday, August 23,  12:00-6:30pm ET (you are invited to participate in as many or as few sessions as you’d like)

Click here for more information and to register


Serve the Moment Service Corps

Want to put your passions into action? This is our moment. Together, let’s reimagine a society rooted in justice and equity.  The Jewish Service Alliance presents Serve the Moment. Serve the Moment Corps Members will spend 12 hours/week elevating their professional skills and accelerating their personal growth through virtual and in-person service with trusted partners. Serve the Moment Corps Members will volunteer while learning and reflecting with their peers through trainings led by national leaders in the field. There will be an intentional focus on social inequities, systemic injustices (racial, food, and education), and addressing urgent needs through meaningful service rooted in Jewish values. 

When? September 30-December 11, 2020

Who? Young adults, ages 18-29

Apply: Click here to apply by September 14th. 

More info? 


Mikveh 101: Elul Edition – a ritual for Rosh HaShanah

Mayyim Hayyim is offering an interactive virtual program that will focus on the connection between the High Holidays and mikveh immersion, a tradition dating back to the book of Leviticus. Participants will learn about how immersion has evolved over several millennia as a ritual to prepare us for the coming year. Our program will offer a window into mikveh’s biblical roots and its role as a powerful ritual for contemporary Jews. 

When? August 25th, 7:00-8:00pm ET

Click here for more information and to register! 

The FJC Fellowship

The key to the Jewish future is Jewish camp. We know from research—and nearly two decades of experience — that camp is where young people find Jewish role models and create enduring Jewish friendships. It’s where they forge a vital, lifelong connection to their essential Jewishness.

Camp is also an incredible place to launch your career.

FJC now offers recent college graduates two incredible opportunities to start their professional careers in the field of Jewish camp, while spending summers working at your Jewish camp!

Click here to learn more!

Cornerstone Fellowship and Alumni Network

Cornerstone Fellowship

Returning counselors are the “cornerstones” of their camp. Over the last 18 years, 4,500+ Fellows have participated in this transformative leadership experience. Being a part of the Cornerstone Fellowship includes attending a 5-day seminar in the spring, and bringing new ideas, programs and initiatives back to camp. At the Cornerstone Seminar, 400 staff members from Jewish camps across North America come together for workshops, song sessions, and campfires, learning from seasoned faculty and from each other. Fellows share “magic” and ideas among their camps, creating a new type of camp community.

Click here to learn more!

Cornerstone Alumni Grants

FJC is excited to support camp staff in building their leadership skills by providing the past participants of the Cornerstone Fellowship small grants to create Jewish experiences for their friends, families and communities; in person or virtually!  

Click here to learn more and to apply for a grant today! 

Machane Olami

Working at an American Jewish summer camp is so much more than a job – it’s an experience like no other.  With the Machane Olami: Global Jewish Camp Fellowship, a program for Jewish students and young adults from across the globe, you’ll spend your summer creating lifelong friendships, learning about North American Jewish life, and sharing your story and culture with campers and staff from around the world!

Click here to learn more!

Summer 2020 Opportunities

Jewish Camp Hack-a-thon: Radically Reimagining the Staff Experience 

How the hack should you spend your summer when you can’t be at camp? Consider diving into a two week opportunity to make working at camp an even better job for camp staff in the future! In this program you will learn about the process of innovation, what makes camp a great place to work (or not!) and how to solve complex issues in new ways.  Then, working on a team, you will create a plan for Jewish camps to increase their success in getting staff members to return  to camp summer after summer.  The program culminates in a “shark-tank” style presentation to a panel of leaders and experts in Jewish camp, with the potential for some of your ideas to be supported and eventually implemented at camps across North America.

When? July 13th-24th weekdays, 12-4pm Eastern 

More info? Applications for this experience are now closed.  Teri McGuire at with any questions.

Dialogue Arts Project: Building Community through Identity 

Who feels welcome and included at your camp? What parts of yourself do you bring to your work? What are the parts of yourself you leave behind? What are the conversations you’re afraid to have? What does “community mindedness” (areyvut) mean for you and your camp at a moment when your communities might not physically convene, and when belonging is renegotiated daily? Pandemic or not, our camp communities have been asking these questions around identity and difference for years. Foundation for Jewish Camp and the Dialogue Arts Project (DAP) are offering a bold new way to gather in the virtual space in order to wrestle with these moment-defining questions. DAP curates arts-driven training experiences to help communities be more courageous in telling stories about themselves, their identities, and the impact of both on their worth. This experience will offer an opportunity to engage in powerful interactive approaches, with a new emphasis on what it means to redefine “coming together” in a virtual, brave new world. You in?

When? Sunday, June 28th, 12-2pm Eastern

More info? Applications for this experience are now closed.   Jill Goldstein Smith at with any questions.

Jewish Camp Mental Health & Wellness Internship

Everyone has mental health, and talking about wellness and supporting one another is more important than ever. Spend time this summer learning about MESH (mental, emotional, social, and spiritual health), proactive wellness, and building resiliency through a paid internship for a select group of folks who would have been counselors at overnight or day camp this summer. This cohort will gain access to mental health training to help you better support your peers and campers next summer at camp and throughout the year. Working in small groups, interns will develop resources for the entire field of Jewish camp. This opportunity also aims to further destigmatize mental health conversations and be a tool for camps to retain quality staff into next summer. 

When? July 9th -August 7th  (Tuesdays & Thursdays, 12pm-3pm ET)

More info? Applications for this experience are now closed.  Jill Goldstein Smith at with any questions.