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Foundation for Jewish Camp is thrilled to announce that past participants in the Cornerstone Fellowship are eligible for small grants to create Jewish experiences for their peers and local communities. Grant amounts can vary, but FJC anticipates the average grant will be between $100-$300 for a one-time program or ongoing event series. In some cases, FJC will even help grantees plan the event!

FJC is dedicated to building leaders and amplifying Jewishness. The Cornerstone Fellowship is about building leaders and helping camp staff see themselves as Jewish educators. We aim to assist alumni of the program to take their ideas and experience even further, amplifying Jewishness in their communities- with the support of Cornerstone Alumni Grants.


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Who’s eligible?

Anyone who participated as a Cornerstone Fellow is eligible to apply. Consider teaming up with Cornerstone Alumni from your camp, other camps, or living around your region!

What kinds of experiences are these grants for?

Experiences should be heavily influenced by Jewish content and planned for an audience close to the applicant and their peers (this may include friends, classmates, community members, teammates, work colleagues, etc.). Need some ideas? Here are a few below. The FJC team is happy to help you brainstorm other ideas to reach your goals!

Just a few possible ideas:

  • Jewish Educational events
  • Jewish social events
  • Camp-style Shabbat at Hillel
  • Speakers
  • Film screenings
  • Shabbat and Holiday celebrations
  • Adding Jewish content to an existing social event
  • Jewish Book Club
  • Virtual Jewish learning opportunities
  • Coordinating a Conference (for example: organizing a weekend Jewish Family Camp for people with young children)
  • Campfire and S’mores Story Slam performance
  • Theater outing and discussion

For more ideas, see the next FAQ outlining some successful Cornerstone Alumni Grant-funded projects from 2016-2017!

What are some successful projects supported by alumni grants in the past?

Here’s a sampling of 2016-2017 Cornerstone Alumni Grant projects:

  • Young Adult Shabbat Lunch Series, Toronto, ON (Alix Gropper, Camp Ramah in Canada)
  • Independent Shabbat Minyan and Meal series in a camp-style backyard, Los Angeles, CA (Tiffany Miller, Camp Ramah in California)
  • Community Gardening and Social Justice Program Series, Brooklyn, NY (Jack Snyder, Habonim Dror Camp Miriam)
  • Jewish Cooking Class Series, Atlanta, GA (Nick Contino, URJ Camp Coleman)
  • Group theater experience to “Conviction,” followed by an interfaith panel discussion, Boulder, CO (Oriel Eisner, Shwayder Camp of Temple Emanuel)
  • Camp-style Shabbat dinners on campus, Brandeis University, MA (Anna Stern, Camp Ramah in California)
  • Israel education and learning series, Butler University, IN (Elaine Giglio, Camp Young Judaea Midwest)
  • Intimate Speaker Series on Israeli Culture, Music, Fashion, and Food, Binghampton University, NY (Naomi Solkowitz, Camp Tel Yehudah)
  • Israeli Dance Festival, University of Washington, WA (Alex Kunin, Camp Alonim)
  • Community-wide Camp-style Family Shabbat Dinners, San Antonio, TX (Jeffrey Abraham, Camp Ramah in California)
  • Jewish Identity and Learning Fellowship series for undergraduate students, Johns Hopkins University, MD (Brian Hertz, Camp Alonim)
  • Community-wide Israel Fair, Denton, TX (Marissa Haber, URJ Greene Family Camp)
  • Shabbat Dinner and Israeli Discussion on Campus, University of Nevada – Reno, NV (Aaron Flaton, Emma Kaufmann Camp)
  • Interfaith Shabbat Dinner Experience, Chicago, IL (Alexander Lipnik, Camp Ramah in Canada)
  • Creative Seder + Matzah Pizza Party + Havdalah, Queens, NY (Jill Goldstein Smith, URJ Camp Coleman)
  • Young Family Chavurot and Jewish Holiday Programs, Long Island, NY (Aimee Lerner, Camp Ramah in the Poconos)
  • Friday Night Shabbat Experience, Manhattan, NY (Zoe Grossman, Camp Ramah in the Berkshires)
Will I have any support? Can i partner with other alumni or organizations, too?

An FJC team member will consult with the applicant to help make this event a reality – each step of the way.

We love working with others, and if it makes sense for your experience to be held in partnership, we encourage you to talk to your local Hillel, Moishe House, JCC, synagogues, Federations, Reboot, OneTable, Honeymoon Israel, etc. (So many possibilities!) If you want to get connected but don’t know how, let us help make the introduction.

We also love when Cornerstone Alumni collaborate – whether you’re from the same Cornerstone cohort or not!

How much are we talking about?

These grants will typically range from $100-300 for a single program or multi-part event series. Several Cornerstone Alumni may combine as a team to apply for a larger grant sum. (All amounts are in US Dollars.) If you have a bigger idea, please reach out to us – the grant amount may be negotiable in some cases!


Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis through February 1, 2018. Recipients must complete their event by April 1, 2018, unless otherwise agreed upon in the grant application acceptance/award letter. You should expect to hear from us within two weeks of your application (just make sure you hit submit on the final page)!

Within two weeks following the program, all follow-up materials (including receipts and a short survey) and a Reflection Report sharing about your experiences are due to FJC, to remain eligible for the grant. If your event is recurring or a series, you may be asked to submit multiple times. You may also be asked to submit pictures, video, a program write-up, or other related materials. Those who awarded a grant will receive a letter via email, and grants are distributed as reimbursements after the event in US Dollars only.

Why is FJC giving out these grants?

We know Jewish camp experiences have lasting effects long after being a camper or staff member. FJC wants to encourage, support and enable Cornerstone Alumni to be the initiators of those experiences, bringing their skills, knowledge, passion and enthusiasm to their communities beyond camp (at home, school, their living room or backyard, etc.).

How does this work?

Fill out an application online to tell us about the prospective Jewish experience, including an implementation plan, an idea of the Jewish content, and a list of resources. If accepted, an FJC team member will follow-up to discuss your plans and confirm the grant award.

Those who awarded a grant will receive a letter via email, and grants are distributed as reimbursements after the event in US Dollars only.

How will I receive the grant?

Those who awarded a grant will receive a letter via email, and grants are distributed as reimbursements after the event in US Dollars only. Unfortunately, we are unable to distribute grants before the event or in amounts in other currencies, and reimbursements require receipts and completion of the Reflection Report form (details provided in your award letter).

I’m working in the Jewish field and/or I’m already facilitating a Jewish experience for my peers/community. Can I apply for a grant to support this ongoing work?

That’s fantastic!

Unfortunately, the Cornerstone Alumni Grants are limited to supporting new programs or helping to infuse existing programs with new innovative Jewish content. Priority will be given to programs aimed at an applicant’s peers and immediate community.

What are examples of things these grants will NOT cover?

Here are some examples of things outside the purview of these grants:

  • Personal one-on-one coaching
  • General tuition costs (for example: to subsidize an MBA program or attend a conference)
  • The purchase of hardware or other equipment
  • Ongoing business-related expenses (e.g. renting office space, long-term equipment rental, etc.)
  • Services that you are rendering to yourself, your organization, or others. For example, grants cannot be paid for your time spent preparing for a presentation or for salaries.

Apply for the Grant

Questions? Download the full details here or contact