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Jewish Camp @ Home

A Virtual Response to 2020 and Beyond

Foundation for Jewish Camp and Mosaic United are pleased to announce Jewish Camp @ Home, a new opportunity to support camps as they pivot to virtual and home engagement this summer. We believe this model of support will help you engage your campers, staff and families, and support your endeavors to reach an even broader audience for future summers at camp. We know many of you are already launching your summer engagement, but we recognize the weeks of summer are just beginning. We will continue to learn and adapt our offerings as your needs evolve throughout the summer.

Summer 2020 offers a rare opportunity to learn and experiment with the ways we bring camp home. We are here to help you bring your camp’s vision for a virtual summer experience to life – and work together to build new opportunities for online communal engagement year-round.

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I’m already on Jewish Camp @ Home and looking for resources.

What’s available to my camp?

Jewish Camp at Home is a 4-pronged approach to support camps as you are pivoting to provide camp at home. The four prongs of support are technology, operational support and training, content, and funding. You decide how you want to engage with campers (and prospective campers) and we’ll help you make it happen.


While seemingly antithetical to the intimacy and connection of camp, virtual platforms are ripe with opportunity. We have vetted and partnered with two distinctly different platform providers, who will be working alongside us as we streamline and simplify the work for camps.

    • Jewish Camp @ Home Platform (Happy Camper Live white-labeled for Jewish camps) Space permitting, Jewish camps will be gifted their own camp’s landing page on a Jewish camp-specific version of Happy Camper Live. We’ll help you easily set up your camp’s page, which will become your home base for all of your engagement this summer and beyond. Your campers will have access to a menu of high-quality asynchronous activities that campers can access on-demand through your camp’s branded page. This will include a library of Happy Camper Live’s activity videos, and a library of videos created by Jewish camps over the last two months. Your camp can layer your own offerings (bunk meetings, campfires, havdalah, scavenger hunts, etc.) – delivered either live or on-demand – over the self-accessed activity videos so a camper could be a part of the camp community and have programming available whenever they want, according to their own interests.
    • Virtual Camp (through A platform designed for camp programming, this lets camps adjust a traditional camp structure to an online environment. It provides a One-Click technology that makes it simple for campers to attend a multi-activity daily program. Camps use this platform to plan group schedules, and take campers from a whole-camp gathering, through a unit-wide activity, to a small-group elective – automatically and with a single link. The platform supports flexible lengths for sessions and daily schedules. This model is synchronous, designed mostly for live and interactive experiences. This platform requires significant staff involvement, with counselors leading each activity throughout the day, but offers the closest version of a camp day and is possible to monetize by offering to families for a fee. is offering two new opportunities for Jewish camps through this project:
    • Free 3-day Mini-Camp Test Program: Camps are invited to design and run one 3-day virtual camp for up to 50 campers to test run a program on the platform. will provide support and assistance.
    • Jewish Virtual Camp Startup Plan:For $100 and no activation fee, camps will receive 150 camper day credits (worth $300).
Operational Support, Training, Consultation, and Evaluation

Once you’ve filled out this form, we’ll be in touch to better understand your plan and needs. We will connect you with the professional expertise you seek to implement your plan, providing guidance and training as you adapt to the different needs of virtual and home programming. This could include training for camp staff delivering virtual programs, thought partnership on brand extension to a virtual space, content design, marketing support to promote a camp’s new experiences, and participation in a community of practice with camps executing similar plans. As camps develop their engagement plans for the summer, we will work with you to take advantage of opportunities to provide offerings that take into consideration:

    • Flexibility to take advantage of loosening social distancing restrictions to adjust offerings to encourage full use of a camper’s home environment (activities outside, potentially activities that can be done in small groups with neighbors, etc.)
    • The increased mental, emotional, and social health (MESH) needs of a camper and staff population experiencing various levels of trauma from COVID-19.
    • Inclusivity of all campers needs, abilities, interests, and identities.
    • The potential for including any staff as a way to keep staff connected to camp.
    • Opportunities to reach beyond their current camp community to recruit new families.
Content: Jewish Resource Hub

We are launching a new centralized marketplace of Jewish opportunities and programs camps can access to supplement your own content. Synchronous and asynchronous experiences will be available, some for purchase and some subsidized or free for participating camps. The Jewish Resource Hub will have content added to it throughout the summer and into the fall, and will include:

    • Custom-designed mifgash experiences with Israeli campers and staff, planned for your camp’s needs (small/large group, activity-specific, on-going or one-time, etc.)
    • Shared experiences with other camps and communities such as a concert or an international photography competition.
    • Real-time experiences such as tours of Machane Yehuda with a local guide, Jewish yoga, dynamic Hebrew activities, a Jewish-themed escape room, workshops with Israeli graffiti artists, and cooking classes with well-known Jewish chefs from around the world.
    • Curated and subsidized access to the best online Jewish programmatic resources available, from interactive gaming to cutting-edge classes and guided workshops.
Funding: Incubation of new, collaborative models

If you are considering a new program model, designed in collaboration with other camps or agencies, we will work with you to actualize the concept, providing a limited amount of seed funding to incubate the idea. Camps can describe their plan on their interest form and we will follow up with more information.

Who is eligible?

Space permitting, Jewish Camp @ Home is open for any Jewish camp engaging in the virtual space this summer. Our goal is to support existing Jewish camp brands (with priority going to camps canceled for 2020), and help you reach even broader audiences through a camp experience with little to no barrier to entry. We hope to accommodate as many camps as possible. To that end, we also see this summer as an opportunity to preserve your brand while working with mission-aligned partners, and we encourage applications from multiple agencies collaborating to create a Jewish Camp @ Home program together (for instance, camps connected by region or by affiliation). We also encourage any camp with a particular specialty to consider the recruitment opportunities offered from the global reach a specialized virtual summer experience could provide.

How do we participate?

You can start the process by completing the intake form below –
I Want To Participate
We’ll follow up with you within two business days to determine next steps based on your needs and interests.

To learn more, please join us at one of the following Town Hall meetings:

Friday, June 12 at 2 pm ET

RSVP here.

Monday, June 15 at 1 pm ET

RSVP here.

It’s so late! How quickly will this project move?

We understand the urgency required here, and we plan to eliminate many of the typical process hurdles faced in launching a new program. We are onboarding camps immediately, and will work with camps on a rolling basis. The platform and marketplace will be up and running in the coming weeks.

What’s required of a participating camp?
  • Fill out the application form.
  • Have an initial intake conversation.
  • Participate in two check-ins (mid-way and end), with on-going support offered but not required.
  • Participate in a project evaluation.
  • Share any activity videos your camp has created if you’d like, to become a part of the library available to other Jewish camps.
  • Be part of a team of directors lending your learnings and experience to other camps looking to do similar work.