FAQs - Cornerstone


Cornerstone 2020 is now Cornerstone 202.0! Check out these answers to our most Frequently Asked Questions so you can get the most out of this new virtual Cornerstone experience. The move to a virtual experience is in development so as new questions and answers arise we will be sure to update with additional information. 

You can always email cornerstone@jewishcamp.org with any specific questions or concerns.

About the COrnerstone 202.0 Program

What is the schedule for Cornerstone 202.0?

A draft of the schedule for Cornerstone 202.0 can be found on our website! While it is still subject to change – take a look!

Will all of the sessions I signed up for previously still be offered?

You will see most of the great Cornerstone 2020 programming at Cornerstone 202.0, and some new activities too!  Due to the new shorter schedule, and because we know that not every amazing in-person program translates well to the virtual universe, a small number of sessions will not run online.

Since session options have changed, do we need to register again?

Yes, we’re asking that everyone attending Cornerstone 202.0 re-register to select new sessions and provide us with your most up-to-date information! You’ll be able to see which sessions are being offered on our website. All session times noted are listed in Eastern time. Make sure to re-register ASAP (and no later than May 6th) – sessions have limited capacity and will fill up on a first come first served basis!

When does registration for Cornerstone 202.0 close?

Registration closes on Wednesday, May 6, 2020, at 11:59pm PST.

What will I gain from attending Cornerstone 202.0?

Cornerstone 202.0 will provide you with an outstanding Jewish educational experience with interactive, innovative, and brand new programming facilitated by our fabulous Cornerstone faculty and guest educators from our partner organizations. Cornerstone 202.0 will model techniques and content that is applicable both for the traditional camp season and virtual camp programming. You will network with other fellows, get connected to the broader field of Jewish Camp, and hopefully experience lots that you can steal and bring back to your community! As always, Cornerstone will continue to be an opportunity for you to hone your individual skills, knowledge, and confidence to perceive yourselves as active Jewish leaders and educators at camp, on campus, and in your home communities.

I’m not sure my camp will be opening this summer, how will that impact the Cornerstone experience for me?

We know that decisions surrounding operation for Summer 2020 are fluid. Cornerstone 202.0 will be relevant for participants whether you are working at camp in person or virtually this summer, or you are leaders in your community year round. 

You will still be able to design programming for your camp community that can be used this summer, in future summers, year round, in person, and/or virtually. During the seminar, you will also be working with your camp cohort on an action plan to bring Jewish educational experiences and innovation to your camp community (virtually or in person) – during the summer and beyond.

What is expected of me during Cornerstone 202.0?

Like the in-person Cornerstone seminar, you will be expected to fully participate in all scheduled programming unless it is noted as optional. All participants will be asked to complete a post-seminar evaluation survey as well. 

What is the Dress Code?

Feel free to dress camp casual, but remember that this is a professional development conference, and you will be representing your camp community. Keep in mind that many sessions will encourage your participation with your videocam on!

What do I need to “pack” for Cornerstone 202.0?

We suggest having the following items easily accessible while you’re participating in this online conference: 

  • Notebook & pen 
  • Water bottle
  • Blue light glasses (if you use them)
  • Computer & phone chargers 
  • Headphones
What technology will I need to participate in Cornerstone 202.0?

Most of Cornerstone 202.0 will be run through Zoom, but not every session will require you to be logged on to your computer. Some sessions may have you download a podcast and take a walk around your neighborhood for 30 minutes, while others will ask you to dial into a conference call for group meditation. 

How should I set up my work area for Cornerstone 202.0?

Be sure to set yourself up somewhere comfortable with good wifi access! Fully participating in Cornerstone 202.0 will be similar to camp in that you will be up and moving around, and probably making a good amount of noise, so find somewhere quiet where you can both not disturb others in your home or be distracted yourself.

What materials do I need for my Cornerstone 202.0?

To make our programming as accessible as possible we have tried to cut down on the amount of materials used in our sessions. Some session descriptions include some materials that are needed to participate fully in that session, and some facilitators might invite you to “use what you have around you” for some silly challenges. Be sure to always have a pen and paper/notebook handy!