ELI Talks: Comedy, Disability, and the Inclusive Synagogue

After her synagogue did not know how to deal with her Tourette’s syndrome, it was Jewish camp that brought Pam back into the fold of Jewish life.  In this ELI Talk, she shares her story and how two little words can make all the difference when building an inclusive Jewish community.

I Am Here; Hear Me Bark: Comedy, Disability, and the Inclusive Synagogue

Pamela Schuller, URJ Regional Director of Youth Engagement Inclusion Specialist/Comedian

Pamela’s case of Tourette’s syndrome almost forced her out of the Jewish community completely. But a few lessons from Moses and improv comedy helped turn things around. In this personal, uproarious talk, Pamela shares her story and an important perspective on the role of difference.

Originally posted by ELI Talks.