Inclusion Training Program

Welcome to the Foundation for Jewish Camp Inclusion Training Program, designed to teach staff about inclusive practices that benefit every camper.

The Foundation for Jewish Camp Inclusion Training Program is divided into eight core chapters to meet the training needs of both overnight and day camps. Recognizing that while there are similarities between these two environments and aspects that are specific to each, there is also a supplement for day camps and a supplement for residential camps.

Whether you complete all of these chapters during staff week, or intersperse them throughout your camp season, we are confident that your staff will develop important skills for working with every camper.

Each chapter follows the same format:

Big Ideas: These are listed so that you, the trainer, can familiarize yourself with the overall theme of the session.

Materials: Here you will find a list of everything you will need during the chapter, including which handouts need to be copied in advance.

Accessibility Considerations: It is likely that some of the participating staff members will have disabilities themselves, whether or not you are aware of them. It is always important to think about the barriers that might exist so that you can make modifications in advance of the session. If you find that no one requires the modifications, it is still important to model advance thinking about accessibility considerations.

Activities: This is where you will find the “core” of each chapter and how to implement it. You will find various types of activities throughout the Foundation for Jewish Camp Inclusion Training Program.


Everything you need for the Foundation for Jewish Camp Inclusion Training Program is contained in these pages. Of course, the tone you set and the relationships you build amongst your staff are entirely up to you!

Wishing you a successful and inclusive summer!

Full Curriculum

Ovenight Camp Supplement #1

Overnight Camp Supplement #2

Day Camp Supplement

Leadership Supplement