Katie is the Associate Director of New Country Day Camp.

What’s a meaningful moment you’ve experienced at camp?

A meaningful moment at camp happens every time we are gathered for Shabbat. Since I am not personally Jewish, I have loved and appreciated getting to learn about the spirit of Shabbat and incorporating those things in my life, and the lives of my kids (who are also campers)! Our whole family has really learned to slow down and welcome calm at the end of our weeks.

What’s something people might not know about Jewish camp that you wish they knew?

I wish that people knew how inclusive Jewish Camp is! I have loved being a non-Jewish, Jewish camp professional (say that 5 times fast!). Inclusion for campers and staff of all backgrounds and abilities is an important aspect of Jewish camp because our most cherished values can only be fully realized if everyone has the opportunity to benefit from the work we do. At the end of each summer, we find that our campers and staff who are typical learners have all become more open-minded people, and express their gratitude for having the opportunity to work and play alongside those who have special needs. Our camp community is more rich and well-rounded when we fully include everyone.

What camp activity makes you wish you were still a camper?

The gardening and the imagination-themed activities at camp make me wish I were still a camper because I would love to spend my days doing those activities with my friends and enjoying a carefree summer!

Why did you want to work for a Jewish camp?

I really connect with the inclusivity and the human values that the Jewish culture embraces. I am so proud to be “Professionally Jewish”!