Dear Supervisor, Israel education is tough! How we educate on Israel is an important question in the Jewish world today. It is an essential part of shaping Jewish identity and remains a priority for Jewish summer camps. Foundation for Jewish Camp (FJC) believes that Jewish day camp holds the key as an influencer and indicator of future Jewish identity, knowledge of, and connection to Israel. Thank YOU for accepting the role of IsraEd supervisor for your camp this summer. Enclosed you will find your guide to help you facilitate learning with your cohort of participants each week. Please note that each week you are asked to convene your cohort a minimum of once in order to introduce the next week’s topic and debrief the information from the previous week. You may choose to convene twice a week in order to first introduce the new week’s topic and then debrief the learnings at the end of the week, or you may combine these meetings. We recommend that you schedule as much as you can ahead of time. The enclosed guide is broken down by week. Each week, you will be provided with an objective, and instructions for facilitation. We recommend skimming through the whole guide, planning out when you’ll meet with your cohort, and using the weekly guide as just that: A guide. Feel free to allow your participants to steer the conversation and the learning. Do what’s right for your camp. You know it way better than we do. Feel free to reach out to us with questions any time by contacting Good luck! –Foundation for Jewish Camp


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