Week 2: Landscape of 19th Century Europe


Learn about the medina (country) and eretz (land) of Israel.


Convene participants!

Debrief what they learned last week. Jot down any lingering questions and feel free to email them to IsraEd@jewishcamp.org.

Introduce the country and land of Israel as the topic of the second week.

Hand out blank paper and instruct participants to draw a map of Israel. If they have no idea what Israel looks like, tell them to make their best guess. If their best guess is a dot somewhere in the Middle East, that’s fine! If it’s a heart shaped something in the middle of the ocean, that’s fine too! (It’s not that. They will learn.)

Ask what they know about the map and borders of Israel. They may not know anything. That’s okay. In that case, you may want to ask what they know about country borders in general.

Close your convening by referring them to their participant packets so that they may follow the instructions for week 2, where they will learn all about the map and borders of Israel!

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