Week 7: Modern Conflict and Cooperation


Positive, informative discourse about Israel. Wrapping up, getting feedback, celebrating the end of an awesome initiative!


Convene participants, and review what they covered in their packets last week.

Introduce modern conflict and cooperation in the Middle East as the topic of the seventh and final week of Isra-Ed, but of course, not the end of their learning about Israel should they choose to continue seeking information on their own, and participating in conversations that will lead to deeper understanding.

Begin this week’s discussion by asking participants what they’ve heard or understand about conflict or cooperation between Israel and other countries. Let the discussion flow freely and encourage participants to respond to one another’s comments.

Close your convening by referring them to the final page in their participant packets (week 7) where they will find many resources to help them begin to skim the surface of modern cooperation and conflict in the Middle East.

You may also want to create some time in this final convening for reflection and gratitude, and letting participants know that they should feel empowered now to continue seeking knowledge on their own, and unafraid to participate in conversations about Israel now that they have a strong base understanding to speak from.

Here is the post-experience survey. Thank you in advance for filling it out

Now, don’t forget to teach peers something and email IsraEd@jewishcamp.org to tell us all about it!

That’s a wrap. Thank you so very much for your time and dedication to this important enrichment opportunity for Jewish day camp staff.