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Posted Feb 9, 2021 Job Length Summer


The Baseball & Softball Coach/Camp Counselor is a member of the Crane Lake Camp athletics department and general staff team. Coaches are responsible for the development and delivery of athletics activities that are safe, fun, and appropriate to the campers’ age and abilities, as well as sharing responsibility for a bunk of campers.

Your Baseball/Softball Coach responsibilities include:
1) Development of daily baseball/softball instructional activities that are appropriate for the age and ability of all groups of campers.
2) Development of higher level instructional activities for elective periods.
3) Supervision of campers & staff assigned to your area, ensuring that they know and follow safety and educational procedures.
4) Management of tryouts and practices for tournament teams, preparing campers for inter-camp competition.
5) Supervision of free play at the baseball/softball area.
6) Assistance in the management and care of baseball/softball physical facilities and equipment.
7) Collaboration and communication with general counselors, other athletics coaches, and supervisors.
8) Assistance with overall program of the camp, including special events.
9) Other duties as from time to time may be assigned.

Your Camp Counselor responsibilities include:
1) The care, supervision, direction, and organization of campers.
2) Active participation in all camp activities and leading those as assigned.
3) The development and implementation of programs.
4) Ensuring that campers maintain high standards of hygiene, health and safety.
5) Collaboration and communication with co-counselors and supervisors.
6) Sharing in unit responsibility (night on duty “O.D.,” meetings, programming, evening rituals, etc.)
7) Serving as a positive role model.
8) Other duties as from time to time may be assigned.


• Experience working successfully in team-based settings
• Experience working with children
• Excellent listening and communication skills
• Flexitivity – A positive attitude about being flexible in a dynamic workspace

How to Apply

Apply Online at or email Brett Hausler, Associate Director, for more information.

Contact Information

Camp Name

Crane Lake Camp

Job Title

Baseball/Softball Coach

Camp Address

46 State Line Road, West Stockbridge, MA, 01266, United States