Camper Care CoordinatorAt Crane Lake Camp

Posted Feb 9, 2021 Job Length Summer


The Camper Care Coordinator, a licensed mental health professional, in tandem with the Director, Associate, and Assistant Directors, and summer leadership team, is responsible for ensuring the positive resolution for any and all camper issues that may arise during the camp season. This individual is expected to provide campers with meaningful and critical guidance to make healthy, responsible, and respectful choices. They play a key role in training staff on topics including but not limited to: fostering positive social interactions, managing challenging camper behaviors and interpersonal disputes, identifying and supporting campers with special needs, homesickness and self-care. The Camper Care Coordinator embodies Crane Lake Camp’s core values in their interactions and decisions regarding camper care and is a positive, contributing member of the summer leadership team. They are expected to create strong relationships with campers and staff alike and exhibit excellent written and verbal communication skills.

Your responsibilities at camp will include:
1. Review of all camper files
a. Call parents to review any special needs or any other questions generated while reading files.
b. Compile notes about every camper to be able to inform Unit Heads and counselors about their campers.
c. Meet with Unit Heads pre-camp to review notes about their campers.
d. Print a bed request report for counselors to have after they get their camper list and before they label beds.
2. Support for children with special needs, in collaboration with their counselors and unit heads.
3. Calls to parents and medical professionals in a courteous, professional manner.
4. Maintenance of appropriate logs and records including:
a. Preparing a New Camper Report form for each first year camper.
b. Record on CampMinder notes of any significant communications throughout the summer.
5. Support for the unit heads with discipline issues, moments of sadness, social challenges, and campers’ inability to adjust to the camp environment.
6. Assistance to the Directors or designee with camper and parent issues.
7. Supervise staff
a. Supervise the Camper Care Team.
b. Submit completed Leadership Team Evaluation and Staff Evaluation forms after each session.
c. Coordinate the daily hours off CC team members.
8. General supervision of campers and staff at times during working hours.
9. Sharing in responsibilities of Leadership Team (occasional night O.D., coverage during staff meetings, attendance at all camp wide events, etc.).
10. Serving as a positive role model.
11. Other duties as from time to time may be assigned.


• 21+
• Proven experience working successfully in team-based settings
• Experience working with children
• Excellent listening and communication skills
• Highly developed administrative skills
• Flexitivity – A positive attitude about being flexible in a dynamic workspace
• The ability to work independently and proactively, as well as the capacity for effective collaboration and support of others

How to Apply

Apply Online at or email Brett Hausler, Associate Director, for more information.

Contact Information

Camp Name

Crane Lake Camp

Job Title

Camper Care Coordinator

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46 State Line Road, West Stockbridge, MA, 01266, United States