Community Care Coordinator (Seasonal Mental Health Professional)At Camp Gesher

Posted Jan 31, 2023 Job Length Summer


Camp Gesher – a children’s Jewish overnight summer camp located in eastern Ontario .conot far from Bon Echo Park. (1 hour from Belleville) – is seeking a Camper Care Coordinator for the summer of 2023.

The Camp offers an outdoor residential camping experience to children between the ages of 7 – 16 years. The Camp community consists of about 30 young adult staff and about 120 campers per session during
its summer season.

Our Mission:

Camp Gesher has been empowering youth for 60 years! Our program reflects the values and spirit of youth leadership and empowerment; focusing on social justice, inclusion, equality, and building an
informed and empathetic community. At Gesher each camper is encouraged to take responsibility for the well being of the community and the world around them.

Our youth led community develops both tangible and intangible skills, for both our campers and our staff. We foster self confidence through trying new activities, gain resiliency by enduring setbacks in a
supportive environment, develop life-long friendships, grow independence, build social skills and understanding of group dynamics, learn leadership skills, unplugging from technology and connecting
with nature.

Dates of Employment:
● Pre-season occasional work in Spring 2023
● Full time in residence at Camp Gesher June 22, 2023-August 20, 2023

Compensation: $8,000 for the summer and $1,000 for pre-summer part time work.

Specific Responsibilities of the Community Care Coordinator include, but are not limited to:
● Playing a leadership role and partnering with the youth leadership in the planning and implementation of staff training and ongoing staff learning related to mental, emotional, social, and spiritual health (MESSH); Lead in conjunction with the Youth Camper Care Coordinator (Melavol), pre-camp training on camp policies including child abuse and neglect.
○ Provide ongoing training and support to counselors and senior staff as they implement interventions and program modifications.
○ Train and empower staff to confidently deal with childcare issues and conflicts.
○ Assist in developing policies and procedures; as well as educating and tracking and intervening when necessary on issues related to hygiene, diet, sleep, and exercise/physical activity as the foundation for good health at camp
● Work with the (Melavol) in creating and implementing programming for small groups of campers focused on wellness and social-emotional learning.
○ Optional: Creating and implementing programs for staff and parents focused on wellness and social-emotional learning.
● Serving as a resource to campers and staff throughout the summer in facing mental, emotional and social health challenges, and creating environments where campers and
staff can thrive.
● Provide emotional support and guidance to individual campers and staff members with active mental health concerns, and/or observe, assess and recommend interventions for concerns related to individual camper behaviours and group dynamics.
● Managing information about camper needs, and communicating those to the Mazkiriut (youth leadership team) as well as general staff, as well as documenting communication and plans within Camp Gesher’s systems.
● Communicating and managing relationships with parents/caregivers in regards to camper needs. Responding to parent concerns related to campers with mental health and/or behavioral issues.
● Preparing reports to funding agencies in relationship to mental emotional and social
health of Camp Gesher and its campers and staff, including sharing high-level
understandings of interactions and interventions taking place throughout the summer.
Maintain required documentation for camper meetings, team meetings and parent calls.
● Participate in Foundation for Jewish Camp’s Community of Practice as part of our camp’s
place in the Yedid Nefesh program, including two or three virtual gatherings and one in-person gathering per year with other Jewish camp mental health professionals.
● Be an active presence on-site at camp as a part of the community.
● Additional responsibilities as required.




Key Qualifications:
● Graduate-level or higher degree in a mental health field. Including, but not limited to: social work, mental health counseling, psychology, youth psychiatry, family therapy, etc.
● 3-5 years of post-graduate work experience in a related field.
● Prior camp experience in working with young children is preferred
○ Exceptional skill and capacity for engagement and relationship building with both children and their parents.
○ Experience working with young adults (18-22 year olds), flexibility.
● Proven ability to plan, originate, and organize programs.
● Proven ability to provide emotional support to a wide range of ages.
● Strong understanding of, and a willingness to be creative with,
strategies to ensure campers of varying needs can be part of a mainstreamed program.
● Be a leader, self-starter, and strong collaborator.
● Ability to accept guidance, constructive feedback, and support from teammates.

The ideal candidate is interested in being in this role for at least 3 years while our camp participates in the Yedid Nefesh program. This relationship will be reviewed on a yearly basis during that time, with the hope that the relationship can continue beyond the 3 year grant program period.

How to Apply

To apply: Please email Shoshana Lipschultz,

Contact Information

Camp Name

Camp Gesher

Job Title

Community Care Coordinator (Seasonal Mental Health Professional)

Camp Address

Codsell Ave, Toronto, Ontario, M3H 3X2, Canada