Community Care DirectorAt URJ Camp Coleman

Posted Jan 28, 2021 Job Length Summer


The Community Care Director, a licensed mental health professional, in tandem with the Director, Associate and Assistant Directors, and summer leadership team, is responsible for ensuring the positive resolution for any and all camper and staff issues that may arise during the camp season. This individual is expected to provide campers and staff with meaningful and critical guidance to make healthy, responsible, and respectful choices. They play a key role in training staff on topics including but not limited to: fostering positive social interactions, managing challenging camper behaviors and interpersonal disputes, identifying and supporting campers with special needs, homesickness and self-care. The Community Care Director embodies Camp Coleman’s core values in their interactions and decisions regarding community care and is a positive, contributing member of the summer leadership team. The Social Worker is expected to create strong relationships with campers and staff alike and exhibit excellent written and verbal communication skills.


• Serve as a positive role model in the camp community and represent camp values

• Process applicants who register for camp and have special needs.
This includes:
o Create forms and questionnaires to obtain information
o Direct liaison with parents, teachers, and outside agencies i.e. medical professionals and government support agencies
o Review questionnaires and determine eligibility

• Participate in required supervisor and staff training prior to camp

• Serve as the lead professional in determining appropriate responses to all camper and staff issues related to social, emotional, and mental health, safety, and well-being, including but not limited to: anxiety, behavior management, interpersonal disputes, homesickness, hygiene, and diagnosed disorders

• Communicate with Director and Associate Director, Head counselor, Unit Heads, and health center staff to monitor and support the physical, social, and emotional health, safety, and well-being of campers and staff

• Act as liaison between health center, summer leadership team, directors, and parents to identify and address patterns or concerns with camper and staff behaviors based on daily check-ins and observations

• Develop training modules and ongoing staff development opportunities that give staff the necessary tools and skills to provide proper camper care ranging from identifying special needs, to responding to challenging camper behavior, providing interventions and accommodations, and managing escalated and crisis situations

• Supervise the camper care specialist(s) which includes providing targeted training, managing scheduling and caseload(s) and conducting performance feedback and evaluations

• Assist staff members with challenging camper situations and provide ongoing support to staff to respond to campers behavioral, emotional and mental health needs

• Consult with Director and Associate Director about significant concerns and issues that arise to determine appropriate response for campers, staff, and parents

• Observe and document camper situations/incidents, design behavior intervention and/or management plans, and monitor and report on progress

• Be aware of camper and staff behavior, enforce appropriate safety regulations and emergency procedures, and apply appropriate behavior-management techniques

• Debrief and provide guidance to campers and or staff after crises or stressful and traumatic events

• Provide staff with support for camper, camp and personal-related concerns

• Work with campers and staff individually or in groups, as needed

• Make parent phone calls and send emails as necessary

• Create a binder with resources, best practices, and suggestions for future Coleman camper care staff to turn into the Camp Director at end of the summer

• Serve as a general member of the leadership team

• Perform other related duties as assigned by Camp Director

• Be present and available throughout the camp day


This position requires a person with a variety of skills and the ability to transition from one situation to another quickly and intuitively while also showing compassion and empathy for campers and staff. This position does not have programmatic responsibilities but will be involved in and responsible for facilitating pre-camp training sessions and ongoing staff development throughout the summer.

Minimum Qualifications:
• Master’s Degree/License in Social Work, Counseling, Psychology, Mental Health or Similar Fields
• Demonstrated clinical knowledge of a myriad of treatment techniques
• Previous experiences in a camp setting or similar environment is preferred
• Experience with children, teenagers, and adult mental, social, and emotional health
• Must be able to think critically and act swiftly in high stress situations
• Attention to detail in documentation and maintaining records
• Must possess excellent written and verbal communication skills and comfort in communicating with children, young adults, and parents
• Must be a caring, empathetic, patient, hardworking, and diligent professional who takes initiative and is creative, enthusiastic, open-minded and high-energy
• Must have ability to function both independently and as part of a team
• Must be available for full training and summer: May 31-August 6, 2021

How to Apply

Contact Bobby Harris and/or Amy Smyler McFarland

Contact Information

Camp Name

URJ Camp Coleman

Job Title

Community Care Director

Camp Address

201 Camp Coleman Drive, Cleveland, Georgia, 30528, United States