Digital Media DirectorAt Crane Lake Camp

Posted Feb 10, 2021 Job Length Summer


The Digital Media Director is responsible for designing, developing, and implementing the Crane Lake Camp summer communication strategy. In partnership with the directors and the communications team, this person will create blog content, newsletters, and social media for the camp.
Your responsibilities at camp will include:
a. Creation of a summer communications strategy including blog, web content, and social media, in collaboration with the Directors and Media Team.
b. Creation and solicitation of content for the camp blog which will include daily stories, photos, and video about activities and program at camp
c. Supervision and evaluation of photographers and videographers to create content that is in line with the Communications Strategy
d. Management of blog and web posts throughout the summer; assist in efforts to ensure uniformity of design and content
e. Coordination and implementation of social media for the camp including but not limited to daily Facebook updates, Instagram posts, Snapchat stories, and Twitter tweets; Monitor all official camp social media outlets, and respond where and when necessary
f. Screening and posting of daily photo upload to parents via CampInTouch
g. Coordination and editing of a daily camper-written online newsletter, “The Daily Bubble,” geared toward campers but posted on the web for parents.
h. Assistance in writing and editing of emails and newsletters to parents and stakeholders throughout the summer
i. Serving as a positive role model
j. Sharing in responsibilities of Leadership Team (occasional night O.D. and coverage during staff meetings, attendance at all camp wide events, etc.)
k. Other duties as from time to time may be assigned.


• 21+
• Experience with social media & digital communications systems
• Experience with Salesforce Marketing Cloud a plus
• Proven strong project management skills
• Proven experience working successfully in team-based settings
• Experience working with children
• Excellent, writing, listening, and communication skills
• Highly developed administrative skills
• Flexitivity – A positive attitude about being flexible in a dynamic workspace
• The ability to work independently and proactively, as well as the capacity for effective collaboration and support of others

How to Apply

Apply Online at or email Brett Hausler, Associate Director, for more information.

Contact Information

Camp Name

Crane Lake Camp

Job Title

Digital Media Director

Camp Address

46 State Line Road, West Stockbridge, MA, 01266, United States