It would be an understatement to say that the last three years have been far from what we might have imagined. So much of what we once took for granted came into question, even the opportunity to gather as the field. But through these challenges, our field has shown itself to be resilient and successful at navigating the unknown. In this opening plenary, we’ll mark a return to our broader camp community, explore the role and opportunity of Jewish character development, and acknowledge the moments we’ve met – and are still being called to meet.  

Featuring: Candace Doby, Author & Host of The Courage Hotline; Tom Rosenberg, President & CEO, American Camp Association; Betsy Stone, Ph.D, Yehudah Webster, Program Director, IOWA Project 




While the enterprise of Jewish camp is decades old, it is also undergoing constant change. Even in the midst of crisis (and perhaps because of it), camps embraced new approaches to solving their most complex and challenging problems. Joined by leaders of in the field of innovation, we will get to the core of why change is integral even for institutions steeped in tradition, hear from colleagues across the field about how they are reimagining their work, and consider how these innovation tools may help us solve the greatest problems facing our organizations.  

Featuring: Barry Finestone, President and CEO, Jim Joseph Foundation & Jen Choi, VP, Strategic Initiatives & Growth Planning, Atlanta Hawks & State Farm Arena 



Barry Finestone       Jen Choi

Monday’s plenary session will be followed by Possibilities in Action sessions led by content experts who will take this model of innovation and challenge participants to act in new ways while exploring affordability, disabilities inclusion, diversifying the talent pipeline, healthy debate and discourse, Israel education, making Jewish camp a great place to work year-round, and racial equity and inclusion. Prepare to leave inspired to make change at the camp, region, movement, and field levels. 


In an era rich with choices and distraction, commitment is hard to come by, much less an ongoing one. In this plenary we will honor the act of dedicating and explore why choosing to commit is so difficult. For our stakeholders: families, staff members, donors, partners – and for ourselves, the decision to select one thing at the expense of another is significant. We’ll explore what it takes to build relationships, organizations, and in honoring Israel at 75 even countries that cultivate commitment, and we’ll honor long-haul heroes and dedicated efforts in the field.

Featuring: Pete Davis, Author of Dedicated: The Case for Commitment in an Age of Infinite Browsing