Legacy Giving

Why Create A Jewish Legacy With FJC?

The positive impact of a summer at Jewish camp isn’t limited to a single camper for a single summer – it is ongoing and boundless, elevating families, synagogues, college campuses, and communities. By experiencing immersive Jewish summers, Jewish young people go forth into the world guided by Jewish identity and values. Your legacy gift to FJC ensures that camp with continue to shape the next generation of engaged Jewish leaders, helping build the strong Jewish future we all wish to see.

4 Simple Way To Invest In The Jewish Future Through FJC
  1. Make a gift through a bequest in a will, trust, or estate plan.*
  2. Add (or change) a beneficiary designation on an IRA, pension fund, or life insurance policy.*
  3. Give a retirement plan gift.
  4. Increase you current income while making a gift through a Charitable Remainder Trust

*Please note, your legacy commitment can be expressed as a specific dollar or a percentage amount. 

How do I get Started?

First, reflect on and discuss legacy giving with your loved ones, and then with your personal financial advisory or attorney. When you are ready, contact Corey Cutler at Corey@Jewishcamp.org, or fill out our form.

I'm not at retirement age. Am I too young to leave a legacy gift?

A legacy gift is not about retirement – it is about supporting the causes that are important to you. Passion and personal commitment are the only requirements. Additionally, there is no cash outlay so it has no effect on your quality of life, other than giving you a great sense of pride in knowing you will help an organization you care about for generations to come.

Planned giving is for the rich.

A legacy pledge can be made by anyone at any amount – all contributions have a meaningful impact. Everyone can benefit from plans that reduce future estate taxes.

Planned Giving is too complicated.

Planned giving can be simple as a codicil to your will or adding a beneficiary to a retirement plan. Legal and financial professionals can advise you and help establish the planned giving vehicles that will be best for you. They need not be complicated, just specific to your charitable aims.

I'm not ready to think about legacy giving.

It’s understandable that this subject causes discomfort, but we encourage you to view planned giving as a life-affirming commitment to a cause that’s important to you. A legacy gift will maintain the continuity of your positive impact on the world long into the future.

I would love to make a gift, but I want to ensure that I've provided for my children.

An estate plan that included your children and FJC and other charities you care about can ensure your children receive an income or an inheritance at the same time as your personal charitable values are honored.