Meet the Field 06.22.17

Meet the Field: Lauren Wexler

 Meet the Field:

What’s your role?

Director, Camp Programs 92Y

Where did you get your start?

Pinemere Camp 1989-2001 from camper to Key staff

If you weren’t a camp professional, you’d be…

Sad and Unfulfilled

What was your camp nickname?

LVG (my maiden name is VanGrack)

What’s your favorite camp meal?

Your favorite icebreaker is

Beat the Clock

The best paper plate award  you ever received was…

Most Likely to Stay Calm when the DVD player breaks on  a Rainy day with 800 campers

What’s a MUST on your camp playlist?

Don’t Stop Believin’ by Journey

What is your favorite hobby?

Bar Method, Barry’s Boot Camp, Spin Class (exercising)

Best advice you ever received OR words to live by

Its always easier to start off strict and let up as the summer goes on! Rather than starting the summer lenient and becoming stricter.

What’s camp activity that makes you wish you were a camper?

Jewelry Making

What’s always in your backpack?

Hand Sanitizer

Tell us what Jewish camp is to you, in 6 words.

Finding Jewish Identity Through Camp Community