Praxis : The Interplay between Research and Practice of Hebrew at Camp

November 10 11:00 AM – 4:00 PM ET

Join us for a unique gathering to surface opportunities around Hebrew and camping.

Since the establishment of Jewish camping in North America, Hebrew has often played both real and symbolic roles in enhancing the Jewish elements of camp programming and daily living, from the use of the aleph bet in a camp sign to immersive Hebrew language acquisition. 

Today, the broader community looks to the field of camping to further enhance Jewish identity, open up new ways to connect Jews globally, and leverage the resources of shlichim and Israel-oriented programming. With the recent publication of a book with the recent publication of Hebrew Infusion, a book on Hebrew and camping, an opportunity has presented itself to look anew at Hebrew as a compelling and versatile element of camp life and consider new ways in which the field can further enhance Hebrew as a core component of the camping field. 

This gathering will provide opportunities to step back from the issues of COVID-19, finances, visas, and the like and look at existing models, trends in other areas of Hebrew education, and successes as a part of mapping of the existing landscape. This gathering will bring together camp professionals from individual camps and national offices, educational partners, academics, communal leaders and funders to identify and understand different models of Hebrew engagement, surface guiding questions and principles, and outline an inspiring, collaborative agenda to guide ongoing deliberations and priorities for the future. 

The convening will be organized around the following five objectives:

  •   Understand the role Hebrew plays in identity building, connectivity & meaning-making
  •   Exploring the values proposition of Hebrew in North American Camping
  •   Beginning to create a theory of change focused on the move from implicit to explicit Hebrew goals 
  •   Galvanize the players in the field
  •   Identify and strategize on next steps for collective action

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Schedule of the Day  *all times are in Eastern Time

Format: Full group session* and Pre-assigned small break out groups**

11:00 AM
Welcome Session: Greetings and Setting the Stage*


11:15 AM
Hebrew as an Essential Element of Jewish Summer Camps:*

New research and learning to broaden our understanding of the role Hebrew plays in identity building, connection and meaning making


12:15 PM


12:30 PM
Exploring the Value Proposition for Hebrew in North American Camping**

Small cross-disciplinary group work reflecting on the intersection of mission and potential successes in Hebrew education


1:45 PM
Beginning to Create a Theory of Change Focused on How to Move from Implicit to Explicit Hebrew Goals**

Analyzing problems, challenges, and solutions toward beginning a theory of change through the lenses of staffing, program, finances, evaluation, and research in small cross-disciplinary groups


2:30 PM


2:40 PM
Strategies for Collective Action**

Deep-dive affinity group work of camp professionals, academics, education partners, and funders & community leaders to identify strategic priorities

3:35 PM
Identifying Next Steps & Conclusion*

Building the agenda for next steps for action and concluding comments


Confirmed Presenters: Pnina Falego Agenyahu, Sharon Avni, Sarah Benor, Andrew Ergas, Jeremy Fingerman, David Gedzelman, Isaac Herzog, Jonathan Krasner, Avi Orlow, Julie Platt, Alex Pomson, Stacy Rigler, Vardit Ringvald, Sharon Schoenfeld, Arnee Winshall

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