SafetyRespectEquity Coalition (SRE)

Foundation for Jewish Camp is proud to be a founding member of the SafetyRespectEquity Coalition (SRE), a new initiative to ensure that Jewish workplaces and communal spaces are safe, respectful and equitable, and that sexual harassment, sexism and gender discrimination are no longer tolerated in the Jewish community.

We invite you to join SRE’s important work by taking the following steps:

  1. Review the SRE information packet. It includes the Commitment, Standards, Shared Vision Statement, Statement of Purpose and Action and Coalition FAQs to help you better understand the Coalition’s goals.
  2. Formally adopt the SRE Coalition Commitment. By adopting the Commitment, you are committing to begin the process of implementing the necessary changes in your organization.
  3. Begin internal discussions to implement the Standards. The Standards have been developed by experts within the Coalition to help organizations put appropriate policies, procedures and reporting mechanisms in place.
  4. Sign up to receive updates from the Coalition. Follow the Coalition on Facebook.

Thank you for helping us create lasting change in the Jewish community! For more resources about preventing and addressing sexual assault at Jewish camp, please see the Shmira Initiative.