Summer Lovin' 07.27.18

Summer Lovin’ – Aaron & Alexa

Aaron & Alexa

Camp Chi

When/how/where at camp did you meet?

We met during our first week of sophomore year of Noar on the Noar deck at Camp Chi. Alexa walked up to Aaron and introduced herself. As the week went on, we spent more and more time together and he eventually asked her to be his girlfriend during week two of camp.

Was it love right away?

Long story short, no, but we really enjoyed each other’s company. Camp relationships seem to develop quicker than other relationships due to the constant contact with one another.

What happened between you when camp ended that summer?

We continued dating after that first summer and 8.5 years later we’re still extremely happy together.

Do you find that your time at camp has influenced your relationship/marriage/family?

Absolutely! Camp taught us so many values that not only impact our relationship, but our friendships and professional relationships as well. Camp is a place where you grow into yourself and your identity and continue to learn to evolve. We both started dating at a time when we were learning how to drive, and now we’re both two years out of college and fully immersed in the real world. We’ve been so supportive of each other every step of the way. Constant contact and communication at camp really taught us the importance and value of communication in the real world.