Jenny & Jon

Camp Wise

When/how/where at camp did you meet?

We met at Camp Wise during Staff Week. Jon was friends with a former camper of Jenny’s turned staff member, Seth Willen. Seth told Jon that he should stay away from Jenny. Seth was the best man in our wedding.

Was it love right away?

Definitely “like” and attraction. Jon is 3 years younger than Jenny, so neither of us were expecting anything to come from it. Jon was in high school at the time and Jenny was headed to college.

What happened between you when camp ended that summer?

We kept in touch and remained friendly. Neither of us returned to camp the following summer, but the two summers after that we both were back and picked up where we had left off. However, during the school year we dated other people. After our final summer at camp we were both in the same city for college/grad school and we continued to date. We haven’t broken up yet!

Did you have any camp themed thing at your wedding?

We had our Auf Ruf at Camp Wise while camp was in session, which was really special. Our treat bags for out-of-town guests at our wedding were in small brown boxes that looked like camp care packages. Included among the treats were “s’mores” (marshmallows and pieces of chocolate on graham cracker sticks).

Do you find that your time at camp has influenced your relationship/marriage/family?

One hundred percent. Camp influenced Jenny’s career choice and her current activism in our Jewish community (which affects our family), and we are so grateful that we were camp counselors because we think it has helped us be better parents. Our kids know how much we love camp, and we enjoy “camp” activities (boating, hiking) with our kids when we can. Last year was our first year at Camp Wise Family Camp and we plan to return this year as well.

Will you send your kids to camp?

Our son Noah (age 10) will be going to Camp Wise for his second summer this year.  Our daughter Kate (age 6) can’t wait to go in a few summers!