Tisha B’Av 2020 – You Belong

What is Tisha B’Av?

On Tisha B’Av, the Jewish people remember the destruction of the Temples in Jerusalem. It is a time of mourning for our exile from our political, spiritual, and ancestral homeland. While the Rabbis provide us with a number of different rationales for the Temple’s destruction, the most famous reason is Sinat Chinam, “hatred without cause.” The desire to respond to that destruction, to engage in repair, is most often seen through boundless love. We ask, how can we show love? How can we help everyone to know that they belong? We mark Tisha B’av with both sadness about our losses and hope that we can learn from our communal mistakes and respond with care and concern for all of God’s children.


FJC has aggregated resources (some our own, some created by a variety of other Jewish nonprofits) focused on combating baseless hatred. Some of them preach kindness, some look to Jewish history for lessons for today, and some have actionable next steps on how you can effect change. We encourage you to use these resources to enrich your Tisha B’Av experience.

Understanding Tisha B’Av Through Empathy an Allyship – Keshet

Senseless Hatred: Activities and Discussions for Tisha B’Av – Avi Orlow, Foundation for Jewish Camp

The End of Baseless Hatred: Jewish Unity + Tisha B’Av – Caroline Rothstein and Meir Balofsky, Foundation for Jewish Camp

Fighting Hate From Home – Anti-Defamation League

Belong, By Noam Katz

We are excited to release our new music video, Belong, written by Noam Katz in memory of Allie Rae Edelsberg z”l. This song highlights the sentiment that “no matter who you are, where you came from, you are here, you are whole, you belong.” We believe this is a prominent theme at Jewish camp that is always relevant. Please enjoy the video, featuring Noam and many friends of Jewish camp, and then take a look at our conversation starters below.

Although many cannot physically be at Jewish Camp this summer, we can reflect upon the lessons camp teaches us with the people we are with right now. Watch the music video above with whomever you’re at home with – your family, significant other, your roommates, or even just your dog (though we can’t promise they will be a great conversation partner). Listen to the lyrics, dance along to the music, and then sit down and have a conversation about belonging. Where do you feel you belong? How do we make others feel they belong? Here are some conversation starters to dive in a bit deeper –

    • What characteristics make you unique and stand out from the crowd?
    • Where do you feel most seen and/or heard? What can you do to help others feel the same way? 
    • Have you ever been made to feel like you didn’t belong somewhere? How did that feel, why has that memory stuck with you, how could it have been avoided, etc.
    • What about camp allows you to feel part of a community? How will you re-create this feeling of acceptance at home this summer and beyond?
Tell Us How You Belong On Social Media

We want to hear from you! Part of combating baseless hatred is speaking out and standing up! We must speak up against injustices we see, and speak up to include those around us. So speak up on social media! Let us and your networks know what makes you feel like you’re seen, heard, and loved, and what do you do to make others feel the same way. Tag your camp, tag your camp friends, and use the hashtags #JewishCamp and #IBelongAtJewishCamp. 

  • Facebook
    • Post a photo yourself holding up a sign saying “I belong at Jewish camp because____,” or post a photo of yourself at camp. In the caption, include a sentence or two of why you feel you belong at Jewish Camp
    • Make sure to tag @FoundationForJewishCamp and use the hashtags above
  • Instagram
    • Post a series of photos from camp that remind you of how you feel a sense of belonging there. Feel free to include a current picture of you now.  Let us know what about camp makes you feel like you belong!
    • Make sure to tag @JewishCamp and use the hashtags above
  • TikTok
    • FJC (@jewishcampfjc) has posted a clip of the Belong music video. Go to our page, duet the video, and add text of why you belong at Jewish camp 
  • LinkedIn
    • People often talk about all that they have learned at camp and the impact it has had on their lives. What has Jewish camp taught you about “belonging” and how do you use it in your life today?
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  • Twitter
    • Fill in the sentence – “I belong at #JewishCamp because______”
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