Passover 04.06.20

Virtual Resources for Your Passover

Passover is approaching fast and it’s hard to not think about the question, “Why is this year different than all other years?”. With the uncertain times we are living through, chances are your celebrations are going to look different than they have been in the past. The Jewish camp community is coming together to make sure staying home does not need to mean you are alone for the holiday, and that “different” can be a beautiful thing. We have curated a list of virtual resources that you, your family, and your friends can use to uplift your Passover celebration.

  1. FJC’s Camp Passover Activity Book – filled with fun holiday crafts and games for the whole family!
  2. Camp Havaya is having a virtual family sedar on April 9th and they would love if you joined – no experience of haggadah necessary. They have also created a Passover Activity Book decked out with Ten Plague Relay Races and matzah topping ideas.
  3. Eden Village Camp is running a Passover Storytelling Workshop so you can elevate your seder by making the story as exciting and adventurous as it truly is!
  4. Beber Camp has shared an extensive Passover 2020 guide, filled with menu planning, fun ways to set the table, art projects, and so much more.
  5. Camp Ben Frankel is hosting three different virtual seders. The first has a focus on their federation community and the second and third are sederim aimed at engaging anyone who has ever had a connection to their camp.
  6. Camp Ramah Dorom shared a calendar of upcoming events on Ramah Dorom at Home, which include a Passover Family Concert with Eliana Light on Facebook and a study called “When We Went Back To Egypt” with Maharat Rori Picker Neiss.
  7. Virtual Seder, a library of two minute videos that offer teachings, insights, and questions to help bring people together in discussion and celebration of Passover is now live! This library includes many videos from familiar camp faces, including FJC’s Avi Orlow.
  8. And if you’re looking for a camp themed lesson we get from the story of Passover to share at your table, check out our Passover blog from last year – This Passover, Find Your Voice.