FJC Building Loan Program

The Building Loan Program’s interest free loans provide camps with access to cash to cover short-term capital expenses, typically while fundraising pledges are being paid out over multiple years.  Loans enable shorter turnaround time to start capital improvements at camp. 

The interest-free loan program provides an alternative to a private building loan (e.g., from a bank), helping camps to save money on interest expense, legal fees, and other costs associated with private loans.  This may be especially true as interest rates continue to climb.  (Note: Interest-free loans will not be available for camps with existing mortgages or liens, and camps cannot take out a mortgage before repaying the FJC building loan in full.) 

The FJC Building Loan Program is intended for renovation and construction projects that expand camper capacity or upgrade accommodations or facilities. The Program is funded by the Maimonides Fund and is administered by FJC. 

Loans will only cover up to 50% of the project cost. The maximum FJC loan amount is $1 million and the minimum FJC loan amount is $250,000.  (A “project” can be a portion of a larger capital project or several capital improvements bundled together.) 

To be considered for the next round of loans, please read the full program details and complete the form linked below by October 13, 2023.

Building Loan Program Full Details

Building Loan Program Application Form

FJC intends to support projects that are not only admirable in their hopes and ambitions, but are also financially feasible for the camp to undertake. Therefore, FJC will request financial and board information to assess the camp’s ability to repay the loan and to ensure the camp is following best practices for transparency and good governance.

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