Sierra Leibner, a dynamic professional skilled in team building and communication, brings a rich background in consulting, business development, project management, and marketing to her role as Associate Director at Camp Kinneret-Biluim. With a camp history spanning staff member, head of logistics, and infirmary manager, Sierra now proudly serves as the CKB Associate Director, infusing her expertise into enhancing camp processes, boosting staff satisfaction, and fostering an environment where campers and staff alike can flourish. She believes in the transformative power of camp experiences in helping individuals realize their true potential. Sierra loved how camp allowed her to safely explore challenges that were outside of her comfort zone and credits these experiences for nurturing her own personal growth. In her free time, she enjoys practicing yoga and reconnecting with nature. These passions along with her profound interest in child and young adult development fuel her dedication to creating an enriching environment for all Kinneret and Biluim campers and staff. With fourteen seasons under her belt, Sierra’s commitment to and love for the camp community is unwavering.