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One Happy Camper® Grants

Considering Jewish overnight camp for the first time? Your child may be eligible for a need-blind grant of up to $1,500 this summer! With over 160 traditional and specialty programs to choose from, there is a perfect camp out there for every child.

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Small Communities Incentive Grants

The Small Communities Incentive Program offers new campers, from small communities of 10,000 or less Jewish residents, grants up to $1,500 for their first summer at Jewish overnight camp. Eligibility is the same as traditional One Happy Camper® grants. These grants cannot be combined.

Grants for Russian Speaking Jewish Campers

RSJ Camper grants are part of a new incentive program for first- or second-time campers from families with at least one parent (or the camper themselves) born in former Soviet countries. To get started, browse the list of participating camps below to find the perfect camp for your camper. 

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Israeli American Camper Grants

First-time overnight campers in California, Oregon, Arizona, Colorado, and Washington state with at least one Israeli-born parent may receive an incentive grant of up to $1,500. Second-time campers may receive between $700 and $1,000 off. This incentive is in lieu of traditional One Happy Camper® grants, and families may still be eligible for additional financial assistance from their camps.

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Scholarship Opportunities

We believe that every child deserves an opportunity to go to camp. In addition to One Happy Camper® Grants, there are many independent scholarships available. Take a look at Scholarship opportunities in your area.

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