Overnight Camp Incentives for Israeli-Americans

FJC is piloting a new incentive program for families in California, Oregon, Arizona, Colorado and Washington state with at least one Israeli-born parent!

First-time overnight campers may receive an incentive grant of $1,500 for attending a 19+ consecutive day session or $1,000 for attending 12-18 consecutive days. Second time campers may receive $1,000 for 19+ days and $700 for 12-18 days. This incentive is in lieu of traditional One Happy Camper® grants, and families may still be eligible for additional financial assistance from their camps.

  • Family must live in California, Oregon, Arizona, Colorado, or Washington state and choose an overnight camp in these states
    At least one parent of the camper is Israeli-born (or the camper themselves is Israeli-born)
  • First time campers must not have attended any Jewish overnight camp for more than 10 days prior to summer 2024
  • Second year campers are eligible if they have attended Jewish overnight camp for one previous summer (longer than 10 consecutive days)
  • Camper must not have attended any Jewish overnight camp for more than 10 days prior to summer 2023 (please note: Some families participated in this program in 2022 when it was a two-year grant; those families remain eligible for their second summer grant if they were new in 2022)
  • Camper must not have previously received and used a One Happy Camper grant
  • Multiple children per family may be eligible; we ask for a complete application per child
  • Families will be asked to complete the pre-summer survey (as part of this form) and a post summer survey

Grants are limited and a portion of grants are available to Jewish day school students;

Applications for summer 2024 are now live.

Apply Now

Please reach out to Margalit C. Rosenthal at
margalit@jewishcamp.org with any questions.