Overnight Camp Incentives for Israeli-Americans

Israeli-American Outreach 

FJC is piloting a new incentive program for families in California with at least one Israeli-born parent! 

First-time overnight campers may receive an incentive grant of up to $2,000 for up to 19+ days of camp and up to $1,300 for 12-18 nights of camp. This incentive is in lieu of traditional One Happy Camper® grants, and families may still be eligible for additional financial assistance from their camps. 

  • Family must live in California and choose an overnight camp in California 
  • At least one parent is Israeli-born 
  • Camper must be a new and first-time camper 
  • Families will be asked to complete pre and post summer surveys 
  • A limited number of incentives are available for campers who attend Jewish day school

A limited number of grants are available for Summer 2022; please talk to your camp of choice in California about this opportunity.  

Please reach out to Margalit C. Rosenthal at margalit@jewishcamp.org with any questions.