10 Things You Can Do to Tighten Security at Camp

by Paul Reichenbach & Lenny Silberman With three sites, 16 individual day camps, 500+ acres, and more than 5000 campers and staff on our grounds each day, the Henry Kaufmann Campgrounds has spent the last 5 years focusing on its unique security challenges. In doing so, HKC has become a leader in camp security. URJ camps in 16 sites across North America serving 10,000 campers have developed safety and security protocols and trainings that strive for a high standard of care and concern. In this session, we will share simple ideas you can implement this year as well as cost-saving measures to make big changes on a limited budget. By the end, you will be able to walk away with at least 10 new ideas for ways you can improve security at your camp.


Download: Safety-Security-Prep-Checklist-Lenny-Silberman-1  Safety & Security Online Resources – Lenny Silberman & Paul Reichenbach Safety & Security – Prep Checklist – Lenny Silberman Safety & Security – Pre Summer Health and Safety Checklist 2015 – Paul Reichenbach