Bodies of Water

Bodies of Water – Experiential Educator

Favorite Program

Bodies of Water

Bodies of Water is an award-winning program about body positivity from a Jewish perspective. Participants explore three core practices–mindful eating with blessings, Jewish meditation, and ritual immersion–all of which convey a strong sense of living in a Jewish body. We will use your camp’s natural body of water OR your pool to watch a demonstration immersion by a facilitator in their bathing suit, as well as explore immersion ceremonies that campers can do together (also in their bathing suits!). We’ll learn simple ways to bless our food (beyond HaMotzi!), and get a taste of Jewish mindfulness practices. Bodies of Water helps grow a healthy body ethic throughout your camp community.

Key Topics

God/Spirituality, Identity, Nature



For more information on Bodies of Water, visit their website here.

The program was the highlight of our staff orientation. It not only was excellent in content, experience and impact on camp programming it also was a key experience in creating a cohesive staff.

-Sababa Beachway