Positive Long-Term Impacts of Jewish Day Camp

Jewish day camp has reached a pivotal moment, and Foundation for Jewish Camp (FJC) now has the research, data, and supporting literature to capitalize on it.  The following reports and data unearth the positive long-term impacts of Jewish day camp, lay out a blueprint for how FJC can help day camps increase impact, and analyze current outstanding models of engaging families with young children through high-quality Jewish day camps. This initial research conducted by Dr. Judith Samuels and Ramie Arian under the guidance and in close partnership with Jenni Zeftel, FJC’s Director of Day Camp and Strategic Programs, and Marci Soifer, FJC’s Operations and Planning Director, also points to the feasibility of creating new day camps and leveraging new models such as day camps that are co-branded with overnight camps. By sharing this knowledge and these new metrics for day camp impact, FJC hopes to  better ensure engagement of the youngest members of the Jewish community, their families, and young staff in order to build a bright Jewish future through transformative Jewish day camp summers.