By: Pesach Stadlin

Jewish Camping in the Philadelphia Area

Type: Reports
Topics: Jewish Values

Jewish camps have been demonstrated to exert lasting, long-term influences upon adult Jewish identities. In fact, a mounting research literature testifies to the educational effectiveness of Jewish summer camps. The purpose of this report is to understand how participation in Jewish camping can be further expanded in the greater Philadelphia area. The study draws on a survey of and interviews with Philadelphia area Jewish parents in order to provide actionable information to better understand the parents and campers who constitute their market. The report addresses the following questions, among others: Which sorts of Jewish families patronize Jewish camps? What are the incentives and the obstacles to Jewish camping? How important is cost as a barrier? How can camps persuade those who have never experienced Jewish camping to consider sending their children?


Download: PhiladelphiaJewishCampingReport-versionJanuary8