Jewish Eco Seminars

Jewish Eco Seminars – Experiential Educator

Favorite Program

Games Connecting Ecology, Jewish Values, and Israel

Engage your campers and staff with innovative Jewish experiential nature games! Over the course of two days, we offer 10 hour-long programs for individual bunks. We will go into the beautiful nature at camp and explore about animals in Israel, water, trees, and biodiversity, and also see some cool Jewish ecological infographics. Through the power of outdoor, active games, campers will be exposed to the dynamic connection between Judaism, ecology, and sustainable living. These games are based on an outdoor learning method called ‘Sharing Nature,’ and adapted by a veteran educator to relate to Jewish values and Israel.

Key Topics

God/Spirituality, Israel Programming, Jewish Values, Nature, Outdoor Adventure



For more information on Jewish Eco Seminars, visit their website here.

The content presented was interesting and thoughtful, and the activities were engaging for all age groups!

-Camp Moshava Indian Orchard