Jonah Canner and Brett Gurwitz

Jonah Canner and Brett Gurwitz- Experiential Educators

Favorite Program

Connected Cabin Communities: A skill-building workshop

Cabin culture and the relationships that develop in the bunk are a defining element of the camp experience. Building a strong, safe and caring community comes with a plethora of challenges that many young counselors have never had to face. Through the use of Jewish text, games and discussion techniques counselors will develop an understanding of how to cultivate strong connections, shared purpose, continued learning and a unique cabin culture. Participants will leave this workshop with new skills, strategies and action steps that will enable them to build and maintain strong cabin communities.

Key Topics

Community Building, Group Dynamics, Leadership Development


Jonah.canner@gmail.com, Brgurwitz@gmail.com

I found the experiential nature of Brett and Jonah’s program to be the most impactful. Allowing our staff to participate in real examples of the content that they were providing resulted in the objectives of their program to stick. Also, the segment of their program where the staff members had the opportunity to plan for the upcoming session was impactful.

-Camp Bob Waldorf