Naomi Less

Naomi Less- Experiential Educator

Favorite Program

Nightime Ritual Hack (a/k/a Songs for a Soulful Slumber)

How ready is your soul for its nighttime journey? Are you carrying stress from the day? Are you anxious for tomorrow? Nightime Ritual Hack will help your soul ease into nighttime bliss with a recipe for sleep entry. During this program we will musically explore the ancient ingredient of ritual and create our own nighttime ritual hacks that fit with every person’s own style and situation. This one and a half day residency with ritual expert and acclaimed song leader, Naomi Less will include a modeling during bedtime for multiple bunks, staff training on ritual, and daytime sessions for campers to engage in ritual preparation.

Key Topics

Bedtime Ritual, God/Spirituality, Jewish Text, Jewish Values, Meditation, Music and Rhythm



For more information on Naomi Less, visit their website here. 

This was a great program that allowed us to add to our programming schedule and make a great impact.

-Ramah Sports Academy