By: Sarah Kusnitz

PLENARY: I Belong to Jewish Camp

featuring Lou Bergholz, Steven M. Cohen, Amy Friedman, Archie Gottesman, Lacey Schwartz, Pamela Schuller, Rafi Daugherty If we start thinking of ourselves as a movement and not individual institutions, we break down barriers to broaden the Jewish community and welcome those standing outside the bunk. The Jewish community – and the way we connect to it – is radically changing. What is our role as individuals, camps, communities and philanthropists in creating intentional and inclusive communities that are representative of 21st century Jewish life? How do we build and nurture communities that are reflective of where we live and welcoming to all Jews? Experience an interactive storytelling panel on the theme of ‘belonging’ from influential voices shaping the future of our community, framed by researcher Steven Cohen and millennial insights expert Amy Friedman.