By: Aliza Mazor

The Best Duet: The Board Chair & Director Partnership

by Aliza Mazor This workshop will explore the ingredients for a successful partnership between Board Chair and Director, and will offer strategies for strengthening this important team. Content will include: Yours, Mine, Ours ‘ What are the roles of Chair and Director and how do they play off of one another? What constitutes a good flow of information and communication? Board Self-Management ‘ How do you empower the board to be more motivated and action oriented without overstepping its bounds? Choreography ‘ When do Directors and Board Chairs lead and when do they follow? What is the role of the leadership team in managing change? Building the Bench ‘ What are the roles of Director and Board Chair in building the next tier of leadership in the organization? This workshop is open to Directors and Board Chairs (or incoming Chairs). Directors and Board Chairs may attend individually, but it is ideal to participate as a team.


Download:  The Best Duet (Director and Board Chair Partnership) – Aliza Mazor