By: Aliza Mazor

Transition Planning: Taking the Long View

by Aliza Mazor Camps, like other non-profits, rely on talented leadership to provide vision, manage effectively, and achieve goals from year to year. But we don’t often ask our leadership to plan for a time when they will no longer be leading the organization. Camps should be thinking about recruitment, leadership development and talent scouting on an on-going basis, even when a transition is not imminent. And if a transition is on the horizon ‘ even it is years away ‘ it should be planned for with a view to the long term. This workshop will explore best practices from the field of executive transition management. The workshop is for board members, camp directors, and other senior leaders. Special attention will be given to the challenges faced by founders and long-term Executive Directors.

Download:  Transitions the Long View (Succession Planning) – Aliza Mazor,  Succession Planning Article (Gottlieb) – Aliza Mazor