Lech-Lecha Adventure Camp

Lech-Lecha Adventure Camp

Close-knit groups (10-15 teens with 2-3 guides) embark on an epic journey together into the wilderness, backpacking, canoeing, rock climbing, praying, learning, singing, and celebrating Shabbat. Lech-Lecha לך-לך Adventure Camp fosters social connection and personal growth through group challenges, wilderness skills, and creative activities. Our programs interweave a holistic approach to Jewish learning, love of nature, rich discussion, and joyous prayer, in a manner that supports diverse perspectives and practice.

USY on Wheels

USY on Wheels

For 60 years, USY has provided teens with transformative travel experiences. With USY on Wheels, your teen will:

  • Gain independence and a better sense of self
  • Form lifelong bonds of friendship with teens from across North America
  • Repair the world in local communities through volunteer work and service
  • Discover the joy of Jewish living through fun, meaningful experiences that create a lasting impact

Teens in grades 7-8 can travel on USY on Wheels East, our four-week tour across the East Coast!

Teens in grades 8-11 can traverse across many beautiful national parks with USY on Wheels, Pacific Northwest!

Teens in grades 9-11 can travel all across the United States on USY on Wheels Classic, six-and-a-half weeks of fun!

*We welcome transgender, intersex, non-binary and gender-non conforming campers

CTeen Xtreme Camp

CTeen Xtreme Camp

CTeen Xtreme is a unique travel camp geared for high school students with trips for girls and boys. Our program promises to boost your teen’s self-esteem with extreme adventures, extreme trips, and an extreme love for being Jewish. Self-discovery, adventure, bonding with peers, and appreciating group dynamics are essential during the adolescent years when children are transformed into adults. Our outdoor adventure program’s array of adventurous hikes and thrilling trips are designed to boost the self-confidence, sense of responsibility, communication and survival skills of our teens. Our Staff members are hand-picked for their experience, expertise, good social skills, warmth and a love and knack for teens.