Summer Posted May 16, 2024

Community Care Specialist

Eden Village West


Join the team at Eden Village West! The Community Care Specialist, Staff is a seasonal
summer full-time non-exempt position. The Community Care Specialist, Staff reports to the
Director of Community Care.
About Eden Village West
Eden Village West is an organic farm-to-table residential Jewish camp in Sonoma County,
California with a 6-week overnight summer program as well as other farm programming
throughout the spring and fall. Our campers enjoy farming, wilderness and homesteading skills,
culinary arts, music and sports as they become empowered to promote a more environmentally
sustainable, socially just, and spiritually connected world for all.
Specific Responsibilities of the Community Care Specialist, Staff include:
Summer (on site, full time at camp June. 4- Aug. 1):
● Serving as a primary resource to staff as they work and live within the EVW community,
○ Proactively listening and responding to staff needs
○ Helping staff to hone self-care skills
○ Providing resources to staff who require off-site mental health connections or
care during the summer, and coordinating those needs with the camp schedule
and senior leadership team
○ Working as a support to staff who are actively engaged in high level camper
care processes
● Playing a leadership role in the planning and implementation of staff training and
ongoing summer staff learning related to mental, emotional, social, and spiritual health
(MESSH) including:
○ Creating ongoing staff training on areas of mental health
○ Creating and implementing programs for staff focused on staff wellness
and social-emotional learning
○ Creating regular outlets for staff to communicate with camp leadership
about needs or desires related to wellness at camp
○ Creating life skills workshops for the EVW Junior Staff cohort
● Working as a part of the larger Community Care team to support campers throughout
the summer in facing MESSH challenges, and assisting counselors and unit heads in
problem solving cases wherein campers need special support.
● Managing information about staff and camper needs, and communicating those to staff
and senior leadership
● Communicating and managing relationships with parents/caregivers in regards to
camper needs
● Documenting all interactions with staff and campers in Eden Village West’s systems
● Assisting with the development of any necessary camper behavior plans or staff
performance plans that include MESSH goals/resources
● Living at camp on-site for the full duration of camp (housing/meals are provided), and
weaving yourself into the fabric of the camp community
● Acting in support of any and all additional Community Care needs during the summer as
needed, staff or camper related
Additional responsibilities:
● Being part of the spiritual and musical life at camp, through active leadership and
participation in rituals, music making, and spiritual tone setting
● Other additional responsibilities as required.

Why you’ll love it!
● Experience a community with a vibrant staff of 75 people from all over the world! Our
community values skills-sharing, spiritual growth, and inclusivity.
● You’ll enjoy three kosher, organic, locally sourced meals a day.
● We have fun staff activities that take place 2-3 times a week, facilitated by your fellow staff
● You’ll inspire our community to be more playful, kind, caring, joyful, and grateful- changing
their lives and changing the world!

Time Off: All staff receive one 24-hour day off per week, and at least 1 hour off every day




● Graduate-level or higher degree in a mental health field including, but not limited to:
social work, mental health counseling, psychology, youth psychiatry, family therapy
● 3-5 years of post-graduate work experience in a related field, previous experience
in a camp, school, or similar setting preferred. Candidates should possess:
○ Exceptional skill and capacity for engagement and relationship building with
children, young adults and parents/guardians.
○ Strong understanding of, and a willingness to be creative with
strategies to ensure campers of varying needs can be part of a
mainstreamed program.
○ Experience supporting children, teenagers, and/or adult mental, emotional,
social, and spiritual health – in proactive and reactive ways
○ Proven ability to provide emotional support to a wide range of ages
● Proven ability to plan, originate, and organize programs
● An ability to think critically and act swiftly in high stress situations
● Attention to detail in documentation and maintaining records
● Excellent written and verbal communication skills and comfort communicating with
children, young adults, and parents/guardians.

How to Apply

To apply for the position please fill out the application at Staff Application  – Eden Village West

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