To help you plan your Leaders Assembly experience, all of our breakout sessions are organized by track. Want to dive deep into one or two subject areas? Follow those tracks! Prefer to dip your toe into lots of different topics? Feel free to hop around to any session in any track.

Sunday’s Welcome Sessions are organized around the track themes too. These sessions are a great opportunity to network with other attendees who have similar interests and roles, and where you can learn more about the upcoming conference sessions on that track’s topic.

Breakout Sessions

For all those moments you wish you knew more about a certain topic or wondered how others’ really excel at something particular, we’ve got you covered. Join our breakout sessions to learn from our industry’s leading experts on the topics and sessions of your choosing.

Tuesday: Choose Day!

Choose your own adventure and immerse yourself in a topic and all that Atlanta has to offer. Stay tuned for the opportunity to opt into deep dives with experts, camp visits, and explorations of exciting local sites. Most options will be complete by 3pm and within 30 minutes from the airport (depending on traffic), with the exception of some immersive experiences at regional camps.

Mini Sessions

These are bite-sized presentations and discussions designed to give you a taste of great work happening all across the field. Check out a mini session to learn about an innovative project, a significant community event, a key summer learning, or a fun new programmatic solution.