Sports Director

Sports Director

YJ is seeking a dedicated and enthusiastic Sports Director to oversee our key sports programs of Tennis and Athletics. The Sports Director will play a crucial role in managing and supporting the Department Head of Tennis and Department Head(s) of Athletics & Fitness, who are college-age staff with leadership roles at camp. This position will focus on managing staff, ensuring they excel at teaching, increasing skills development, coaching and playing engaging games with campers.

The Sports Director will spend a lot of time building relationships with the staff, supporting, training, providing feedback, setting expectations and maintaining staff accountability. Additionally, the Sports Director will be responsible for overseeing all daily period activities, intercamp sports, coordinating team tryouts, scheduling tournaments and games, and promoting skill development and the introduction of new sports and activities.

Camp Sports Program Leadership:
● Oversee the Head of Tennis and Head(s) of Athletics, providing guidance, training, and
support to ensure they effectively lead their respective departments.
● Collaborate with the camp leadership team to create a safe, fun, and inclusive sports
program that aligns with YJ’s values and mission.
● Manage the scheduling of sports activities, ensuring that staff are always where they
need to be, including managing staff periods off.
● Suggesting and ensuring a variety of games, warm up and activities are offered to help
build skills and enhance interest of all campers at varying levels.
● Overseeing the Athletics & Tennis budgets are spent appropriately throughout the
● Creating a safe environment to keep campers and staff healthy and injury-free.
● Maintaining the equipment.
● Mentoring campers and staff to develop sportsmanship and respect.

Intercamp Sports Coordination:
● Develop and implement structures for team tryouts in various sports and age levels,
including softball, basketball, volleyball, soccer, newcomb, and more.
● Coordinate with other camps to schedule tournaments and games, ensuring all teams
are well-prepared for competitions.
● Guide the effectiveness and appropriateness of the Staff coaches for each team.

Skill Development and Innovation:
● Elevate skill development within the sports program, fostering growth and improvement
among campers.
● Introduce new sports and activities as appropriate to keep the program exciting,
competitive, fun and engaging.