Staff Wellness Coordinator

Staff Wellness Coordinator

The JCC Ranch Camp is not just the Denver JCC’s overnight summer camp, it’s also one of the best places
to work during the summer. As a staff member, Ranch Camp will become your home away from home
as you work to create a community where people can thrive. You’re a hero to your campers; you have
the chance to do something you really care about and have a whole lot of fun doing it. Your experience
as a staff member is just as important to us as our campers’ experience. That being said: We’re here to
serve kids and make sure they are in the safest environment possible while having the time of their lives.
First and foremost, all our supervisory staff act as a team to support cabin staff.
Supervisory Responsibilities
• Take care of staff and campers by prioritizing the physical, social, emotional health, safety, and
• Work as a team with the supervisory team to make sure every day runs the way it’s supposed to
by helping to run meals, participating in all camp programming, and providing coverage for
cabin staff as needed.
• Create a community that you want to be a part of and that you want campers to be a part of.
• Include everyone and make sure everyone is included.
• Jump into the camp life: ride horses, swim, camp, play games, sing songs, roast s’mores, be
ready to do everything the campers do!
• Act as a resource and support staff as they manage camp behaviors using positive behavior
management techniques, enforcing appropriate safety policies, emergency procedures, camp
rules, and more.
• Be flexible and adaptable because things change quickly at camp. You have to be able to roll
with it.
• And other duties and responsibilities as assigned: you might need to make your campers’
dreams of a beach themed ice-cream campfire song session come true or become your favorite
legendary Pokémon for an evening program.
Our supervisory team is more than just a support structure. We want you to do what matters to you
while you’re at camp.
Want to spend your summer outside, exploring the back country of Colorado and climbing mountains?
We have a job for you. Does spending the morning playing soccer and the afternoon creating art make
your heart happy? We have a job for you. Want to design a rocket that can make grilled cheese, but also
land on Mars? We probably have a job for you, let’s talk.
Staff Wellness Manager Responsibilities
• Understand the wants and needs of summer staff members to plan intentional, fun, and
meaningful staff bonding activities once a week.
• Understand the intricacies of staff mental, emotional, social, and spiritual health and plan
intentional, fun, and meaningful staff wellness activities once a week.
• Work with camp supervisory team to set up supervisory office hours and supervision feedback
• Act as a mentor and role model to staff and assist in providing staff with appropriate MESSH
• Create innovative ways to show gratitude, positive feedback, and appreciation towards staff
• Work with camp supervisory team to communicate with and understand their staff members
and mediate conversations between supervisors and staff.
• Build relationships with staff members in the same was staff build relationships with campers
allowing staff to feel that their growth is supported and seen and that they are valuable
members of the camp community.
• Plan staff training with supervisory team focused on building self-care routines and introducing
staff to MESSH resources and best practices.
Finally, all staff must be able to attend Staff Orientations and be available to live at camp for the
summer season.

Benefits Overview
This is a seasonal job and is therefore ineligible for benefits.
Please note: This job description is not meant to be an all-inclusive statement of every duty and
responsibility which will ever be required of an employee in this position; however, the employee will be
held responsible for all duties assigned.
The Jewish Community Center values diversity and inclusiveness and is an equal opportunity employer

Pay Range: $1,300 – $1,800 per pay period