Program Director

Program Director

Camp Avoda seeks a hard-working, strong, organized, and professional Program Director to share responsibility for the overall planning, leading staff, and management and execution of the summer’s program. Camp Avoda’s professional and lay leadership work in close collaboration in a team environment within which the Program Director will play a central role. The Program Director will live in-residence at Avoda from June 16 – August 16, 2024.

About Avoda
We are a non-profit resident camp for Jewish boys ages 7 through 15 in Middleboro, MA. Our program includes: Sports, Swimming and Boating, Arts, Judaica, Ropes Course & Climbing Wall, Field Trips, Evening Activities, Overnight Camp-outs, Color War, Intercamp and Intracamp Teams, and much more.

Mission Statement
Brotherhood * Leadership * Spirit * Tradition

Camp Avoda is committed to providing Jewish boys with a safe, vibrant and nurturing summer environment where “friendships are built to last a lifetime.” We continue our more than 80 year tradition of fostering values of teamwork, leadership, self-confidence and respect for one another based on shared experiences that value our camp culture, Judaism, and traditions.

Leadership Team
The Program Director will serve as a part of the Administration (Leadership Team) of Camp Avoda, which includes the Executive Director, Director, Program Director, and Head Counselors. The Program Director will report to and work closely with the Director and in a team atmosphere with all Avoda staff.

Job Description
The main responsibility of the Program Director is to help run the summer program in any way possible. This includes upholding the values and goals of the camp, enforcing safety and health regulations, and enforcing the rules of behavior. The Program Director will support daily operations of camp, oversee staff, and help ensure all daily programming is running properly. The program director will be responsible to write blog posts on a regular basis, communicate with parents as needed, and communicate clearly and effectively with counselors. The job requires a balance of desk/office work with supervision/interaction/leadership work.

Camp Avoda maintains a well regarded and highly successful summer camp. The Program Director’s responsibilities include the following:

Essential Job Functions:

1. Deliver a fun and effective program to campers.
⬥ Schedule daily camp activities
⬥ Manage selection of elective activities and counselor assignments
⬥ Ensure that counselors are executing activities as expected and support those who need it
⬥ The “program” consists of Regular Days, Special Days, Evening Activities, and more

2. Ensure that camp staff and campers know and follow safety and educational procedures during camp programs.
⬥ Assist in the implementation of staff training.
⬥ Provide guidelines for programs utilizing camp equipment.
⬥ Ensure campers and staff follow safety procedures in all program areas.
⬥ Evaluate program delivery abilities of staff.
3. Assist in the management and care of the physical facilities and equipment in all program areas.
⬥ Oversee daily checks of area and equipment for safety, cleanliness, and good repair.
⬥ Ensure that program areas are kept fee of hazards and debris.
4. Develop and implement schedules and records for all areas of camp program and facilities.
⬥ Create camper and group program and activity schedules.
⬥ Develop and supervise staff schedule for programs and activities.
⬥ Collect and evaluate records; report and evaluate camp program and activity areas.
Other Job Duties:
⬥ Attend administrative and full staff meetings.
⬥ Maintain clear and positive written and verbal communication with all camp staff.
⬥ Participate enthusiastically in camp activities, providing support and guidance to those assigned as leaders.
⬥ Assist core leadership team in all facets of running camp.

Woodshop Instructor

Woodshop Instructor

Camp Avoda, a not for profit overnight Jewish boys camp located in Middleboro, MA, is seeking an energetic Woodworking Instructor (male or female).

The objective of the camp woodworking instructor is to provide on-going instruction and advice on the design and fabrication of a wide array of items and articles of wood construction to campers at Camp Avoda.

Our camp season is: 6/19/2024 to 8/14/2024. This position will be responsible for up to 5 classes per day, 5 days per week: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday

Salary is negotiable for the eight week season.