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Collaborative Network

Participants of Foundation for Jewish Camp leadership programs now have the opportunity to expand on their experience. Connect with peers across North America. Move your camp’s Jewish mission forward. Be a part of a network of peers working together within and across camps. Get access to professional develop that amplifies the impact of your work. Lead the field in innovation.

A project of the Foundation for Jewish Camp (FJC) and the AVI CHAI Foundation, the Collaborative Network activates alumni of FJC’s signature professional development programs, and their camps, in continued learning and increased impact to the field; launching new and enhanced Jewish educational initiatives. The Collaborative Network engages members in sharing and learning across the field, virtually and in person, throughout the year.

Notably, the Collaborative Network establishes action groups, outcomes-oriented partnerships among camps and professionals. Participants in action groups will collaborate to develop and field test projects that advance Jewish life at camp and in the field. In support of the projects, FJC will partner with action groups to provide resources and support for new initiatives to be piloted Summer 2019.

Any graduate of Yitro, ELI, Lekhu Lakhem, Netivim, or Hiddur, working full time at an FJC camp, is eligible to participate in the Collaborative Network.

Ready for Action

Action Groups

Eligible Collaborative Network members submit a participation form to the FJC by 3/29. On this form, camps will indicate specific areas of challenge or opportunity related to Jewish life. Camp will also have the opportunity to share areas of success and innovation for the field to learn from. Camps with similar areas of focus will be formed into action groups by the FJC team and connected at the beginning of April for next steps.

What would an action project look like?

There are so many different opportunities for enhancing Jewish life and learning in our camp communities. Each action group will start by identifying a shared challenge or opportunity and will work on a collaborative solution to pilot in each of your camps during Summer 2019. Action projects might be introducing tools for a values based curriculum in your sports department, an initiative to bring Hebrew language and learning into the hands of your counselors, or the development of new t’filah/prayer resources.

Action groups will partner with FJC to determine what kind of training, professional development, or additional resources would support the design of action projects. FJC will subsidize the cost of approved training or resources.


Camp Interest Form 
You tell us what you’re interested in working on for Summer 2019

Action Groups Formed: Early April

We’ll connect you with other camps/professionals tackling the same challenges

Collaborative Work & Professional Development: April – June 2019

With support from the FJC Collaborative Network team, you’ll design a timeline for your project, begin working collaboratively with your action group, and request/receive approved professional development or resources for your project development

Project Implementation: Summer 2019

You’ll pilot your projects during Summer 2019, staying in touch with your collaborative network action group to share learnings and adjustments to the project. You may be asked to host FJC staff to see your project in real time.

Case Studies: Fall 2019

Following the summer, you’ll share learnings and insights with the FJC Collaborative Network team to develop a case study for use across the field of Jewish camp. You may be asked to share your learnings during Collaborative Network webinars, gatherings, or FJC Leaders Assembly.

Alumni Educational Forum

The Alumni Educational Forum will be a gathering hosted by FJC that brings together any eligible member of the Collaborative Network for a seminar focused on distilling learning related to Jewish life at camp. This will be an opportunity to learn with other program alumni, explore case studies from Summer 2019 action projects, and launch new action groups for work on initiatives for Winter 2019/2020 and Summer 2020. This seminar will be open to any program alumni regardless of if your camp participated in an action project during Summer 2019.


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