Satisfaction Insights

Camper Satisfaction Insight (CSI) and Staff Satisfaction Insight (SSI) are in-depth, customizable market research surveys that help camps pinpoint strengths and weaknesses according to respondents’ feedback. CSI provides a look at what parents and campers think of their camp experience, from programming to safety to facilities. SSI measures staff satisfaction and helps inform staff hiring and retention strategies. FJC administers both surveys in partnership with Summation Research to provide year-to-year tracking and field-wide performance benchmarks.

FJC is subsidizing 50% to 75% of the costs of both CSI and SSI this year. Participating in both surveys will cost only $800. This base price includes a personal dashboard with real-time data and the ability to add optional custom questions. You can also choose to add on a slide deck with detailed analyzed results and an in-depth one-hour online presentation to talk through the results with the research team, as we know camps have found these to be very valuable in the past.

CSI/SSI Instrument 2021 Reduced Price 2019 Price
CSI Base Fee
*Pick & choose your survey questions & add up to 3 custom questions. Receive 3 online data dashboards.
$500 $1800
A slide deck of your camp’s CSI results +$200 N/A
A 1-hour online learning discussion/presentation of your camp’s CSI results +$150 N/A
SSI Base Fee
*NEW! Add up to 2 custom questions. Receive an online data dashboard.
$300 $1200
A slide deck of your camp’s SSI results +$200 N/A
A 1-hour online learning discussion/presentation of your camp’s SSI results +$150 N/A
*if you choose all options listed above
$1500 $3000

Registration for CSI and SSI is now open and will close on May 12, 2021.

If you want to register for CSI or SSI, please email


How is this year’s CSI and SSI different than in the past?

These tools will largely stay the same in order to offer year-over-year comparisons. However, we will be enhancing the health and safety, social emotional environment, and communications sections with additional questions that are specific to the current landscape of COVID-19. We will also be adding more dashboards, custom questions for SSI, and a few other enhancements per suggestions by camps. 

What are the dashboards, and what information do they include?

The data dashboards display your camp’s quantitative and qualitative CSI and SSI data. On your dashboards, you will see key respondent demographics (who is responding to your survey) including gender, grade, and number of summers spent at camp. You will also see the results for the key summary measures and the overall dimensional summary measures.  The dashboards will also include qualitative data (new for 2021), so your camp will be able to see respondents’ written feedback for each overall dimensional measure.

Three CSI Dashboards 

  • Real-Time 2021 CSI Data Dashboard: During the summer, you will have one dashboard with your camp’s real-time data. This dashboard will keep you updated as to the number and profile of parents submitting the survey, along with results for the key overall measures included in the survey. To see an example from 2019, click here.
  • Post-Summer CSI Trends Dashboard: This will display up to three years of trend data and a comparison to the current year’s North American average on all measures/questions, in addition to the overall measures. This is an example using data from 2019.
  • Post-Summer CSI Demographic Dashboard: This 2021 dashboard will show single-summer results only, broken down by various sub-groups, e.g. first-time vs. returning campers, grade-level, etc. This dashboard is in development.

 One SSI Dashboard   

What are the slide decks, and how are these used by camps?

The slide decks display both detailed and high-level findings from your camp’s data including sample size/representativeness, the parent profile, your camp’s story with detailed analyses and year-to-year comparisons of your camp’s data (if your camp participated in the survey previously), and how your camp compares to the national average. Camps often share these easy-to-digest presentations with their boards and key stakeholders to reflect on their summer and make changes for the future.

What are the presentations, and why are these valuable?

CSI Learning Discussion & Presentation: The learning discussions and presentations for the CSI are facilitated by Mark Sass and Linda Denham of the Summation Research Group – the company that, together with the FJC, designed and fielded CSI since 2006. The presentation reviews all CSI results for your camp and provides regional and national perspective as appropriate.

SSI Learning Discussion & Presentation: The learning discussions and presentations for the SSI are facilitated by Dr. Daniel Shore. Daniel leverages his 10 summers of camp staff and leadership experience, PhD in Workplace Psychology, and knowledge of field-wide best practices for leading camp staff based on his 5 years of running SSI sessions in order to help you glean valuable insights while interpreting your SSI data with you.

If I choose to add custom questions, how are they reported?

Results for your custom questions are provided to you in a separate, Excel-based report and are also included in the slide deck, should you select that option.

Is it possible to have the one-hour presentation but not the slide deck?

No, the presentation is based off the slide deck, so if your camp signs up for a presentation, you must also select the slide deck option.

Can my camp include the “add on” options at a later point?

Yes, you can add options later. However, we are encouraging commitments now, so we can gauge interest and the work involved.

What is the difference between the interest form and signing up/agreeing to the survey(s) in the spring?

The interest form you are being asked to complete by February 18th is meant to prepare and plan for the work involved. We recommend making your selections now for CSI and SSI, but please know that you may change your choices by the time of registration. Registration will occur in the spring through Summation Research. When you sign up then, you are committing to participating in the options you selected and will have the opportunity to customize your survey.

My camp is participating in an FJC program. Are we required to participate?

If you are part of an FJC program, please see the table below to review your CSI and SSI status.

My camp is interested in the SI surveys!

Camp parents are the core of a camp’s business. They ultimately decide whether or not to select a particular camp as the best summer experience for their child and whether to recommend a camp to others.

Camper Satisfaction Insights (CSI) provides a look at what parents and campers really think of everything—from programming to safety, and food to facilities. This in-depth, customizable market research tool helps camps pinpoint strengths and weaknesses according to respondents’ feedback. By revealing potential areas for improvement, camp management can identify an action plan that will help them better serve parents, campers, and their budget.

Administered by Summation Research, Camper Satisfaction Insights helps camps:

  • Determine areas of strength
  • Identify areas of opportunity in programming, fundraising, facilities, marketing, retention, alumni and more
  • Compare to a national aggregate of approximately 70 camps
  • Identify and manage perceptions and expectations of camper families
  • Identify opportunities for greater communications, marketing and recruitment

How is CSI benefiting camps? See what the field is saying:

“The information gathered through these professional surveys has provided us with customer satisfaction data for all aspects of the Ramah Wisconsin experience. This valuable information has helped us enhance our program to better meet the needs of our campers and will be a very valuable tool as we develop a strategic plan for the coming decade.”

-Dr. Jeff Kopin, President, Camp Ramah in Wisconsin

“The survey was incredibly helpful in identifying both areas in which we successfully stand out and areas needing improvement. As a team, my staff was able to utilize the results as a tool to delve deeper into bettering camp.”

– Michelle Koplan, Executive Director B’nai B’rith Camp

Staff members are essential to running a successful camp, and satisfied staff usually means a happy group of campers, a smoother run-operation, and a higher-level program.  Staff Satisfaction Insights (SSI) will help you capture feedback from your staff, measuring staff satisfaction and their Jewish experience at camp.  Soliciting feedback from this important stakeholder gro​up can help with staff recruitment, training and development, and will support your efforts in creating a transformative Jewish experience for your staff community.

Administered by Summation Research, Staff Satisfaction Insights helps camps:

  • Determine areas of strength for the staff experience
  • Identify areas of opportunity in work environment, supervision and leadership, training, and more
  • Compare to a national aggregate of camps
  • Identify and manage perceptions and expectations of staff members