Day Camp Satisfaction Insights

Registration is Open from April 1 until April 22

The Day Camper Satisfaction Insights Surveys provide a look at what family and staff really think of everything—from programming to safety, and food to facilities. This in-depth professionally designed research tool helps camps pinpoint strengths and growth opportunities according to respondents’ feedback. By revealing potential areas for improvement, camp leadership can identify an action plan that will help them better serve campers, staff, and parents. 

DCSI surveys help camps:

  • Determine areas of strength for the camper experience.
  • Identify areas of opportunity in programming, fundraising, facilities, marketing, retention, alumni, and more.
  • Manage perceptions and expectations of camper families.
  • Streamline opportunities for greater communications, marketing and recruitment.

DCSI: Collect and Utilize Camper and Parent Feedback 

  • This survey helps you understand what campers and parents think about your camp, from the activities offered to safety measures and facilities. 
  • The survey provides valuable insights into areas where you’re excelling and areas for improvement. 
  • A live dashboard allows you to gather feedback before the summer is over and adjust as you see fit. 

DCSSI: Improve Staff Engagement 

  • This survey focuses on staff satisfaction, providing insights to inform your hiring and retention strategies. 
  • By understanding your staff’s experience, you can create a more positive work environment and keep your team happy. 
  • Write up to three fully customizable questions for each survey. 
  • Collect the email addresses of family and staff who have filled out the survey so you may do targeted outreach and/or an incentive program. Email addresses will be kept separate from survey answers.   
  • Administer a 3 question mid-summer pulse survey for staff, at no additional cost. 
  • Schedule a check in call with a member of the Satisfaction Insights team in late July/early August to strategize enhanced survey administration. 

If your camp is participating in an FJC program or receiving grant funding from us, you may be required to participate. Check the chart below.

Program/GrantDCSI Required?DCSSI Required?
Common Ground Community of PracticeYesYes
Disabilities: Coaching & ScholarshipYesYes
Russian Speaking Jews InitiativeYesEncouraged
Yedid NefeshEncouragedEncouraged

Cost of Participation

DCSI/DCSSI InstrumentCost
Includes professionally designed survey, dashboard, and optional webinars
$500 ea.
Survey Combo (DCSI + DCSSI)$800

Registration is open from April 1 until April 22. Questions? Please e-mail data@jewishcamp.org.


Satisfaction Insight Survey FAQs

When Should I Send My Surveys Out? 

How Is This Year’s DCSI and DCSSI Different Than in the Past?

What are the dashboards? What do they include?

What Are the Pre and Post Summer Webinars, and Why Are These Valuable?

What kinds of questions will the surveys ask families and staff to answer?

Upcoming Webinars and Workshops

Spring Day Camp SI Tutorial: Making the Most of your Satisfaction Insights 

  • Register here for the webinar on May 14th from 2-3 PM ET 
  • Open only to day camps registered for DCSI/DCSSI 

Fall Data Workshop  

  • Date and time TBA!