Cornerstone Alumni Grants

Foundation for Jewish Camp is thrilled to announce that past Cornerstone Fellowship participants are eligible for small grants to create Jewish experiences for their peers and local communities, further their professional development, and be hired by camp to run staff training this summer. The grant amounts can vary from idea to idea. We anticipate the average grant will be between $100 and $500 for a one-time program or ongoing event series, though grants could be larger. In some cases, FJC will even help grantees plan the event!

If you’re a Cornerstone Alumni, you can apply for:

  1. A grant to create Jewish experiences for you peers and local communities 
  2. Continued Jewish learning & professional development opportunities
  3. Funding to run a program for staff training this summer 

If you’re a Camp Professional, you can apply for: 

  1. Funding to bring in a Cornerstone alum to run a program for staff training this summer 

The Cornerstone Fellowship is about building leaders and helping camp staff see themselves as Jewish educators. We aim to assist alumni of the program in taking their ideas and experience even further, amplifying Jewishness in their communities, with the support of Cornerstone Alumni Grants. Apply now!

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Got Questions?  Find Answers Below!


What kinds of experiences qualify for these grants?

The experience should be heavily influenced by Jewish content and planned for an audience close to the applicant and their peers (this may include friends, classmates, community members, work colleagues, teammates, etc.). The experience can be either educational or social events. Need ideas? Below are a few to get you thinking. The FJC team is happy to help you brainstorm other ideas to reach your goals, too!

  • Camp style shabbat at Hillel
  • Speakers
  • Film screenings
  • Shabbat and Holiday celebrations
  • Adding Jewish content to an existing social event
  • Jewish Book Club
  • Virtual Jewish learning opportunities
  • Coordinating a Conference (like a weekend Jewish Family Camp or Shabbaton)
  • Campfire and S’mores Story Slam performance
  • Theater outing and discussion

Professional Development/Ongoing Learning

Facilitating staff training session

We recognize that many camps will be doing part of their staff training virtually this year. The one benefit of this is the ability to bring in past superstar staff to lead some of these training sessions. If you have/you are a Cornerstone Alum that is an expert on a topic you’re looking to cover during staff training, you can now use Cornerstone Alumni Grant money to compensate them for their time!

lThis grant can NOT cover:

  • Purchase of alcohol
  • Personal one-on-one coaching
  • General tuition costs (for example: to subsidize an MBA program or attend a conference)
  • The purchase of hardware or other equipment
  • Ongoing business-related expenses (e.g. renting office space, long-term equipment rental, etc.)
  • Services that you are rendering to yourself, your organization, or others. For example: grants cannot pay for your time spent preparing for a presentation or for salaries.

How to use Cornerstone Alumni Grants in isolation. 

Who’s eligible?

Anyone who participated as a Cornerstone Fellow is eligible to apply.

How much does the grant cover?

We anticipate the average grant amounts will be between $100 – $500 for a single program, ongoing series of events, professional development opportunities, ongoing learning, or leading staff training at camp.

All amounts are in US Dollars and distributed as reimbursements (see below, “How does the grant work?”).

If you have a bigger idea, please reach out to us – the amounts may be negotiable in some cases. We also encourage you to collaborate with other organizations for support, including additional programming and financial resources (if it makes sense for your goals).

When is the deadline?

Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis and reviewed in order that they are received.

Why is FJC giving out these grants?

FJC hopes Cornerstone Fellows see themselves as Jewish educators beyond camps’ summer season.

We know Jewish camp experiences have lasting effects long after being a camper or staff member. We want to encourage, support and enable Cornerstone alumni to be the initiators of those experiences, bringing their skills, knowledge, passion, and enthusiasm to their communities beyond camp (be it home, school, synagogue, etc.).

How does the grant work?

It’s easy! 

STEP 1– Determine if you and your proposal are eligible.

STEP 2– Complete an application.

This form asks about the prospective Jewish experience, including a plan for implementing your idea, details about the Jewish content, and a list of resources you will need. If you’re applying for a professional development opportunity, you will need to tell us about the experience. If you’re applying to facilitate staff training at camp this summer, the form asks about the session you’ll be leading.

Step 3- You’ll hear from FJC within approximately two weeks of your completed application. If accepted, an FJC team member will follow-up to discuss your plans and confirm the grant award.

Step 4- Host your awesome event, attend your experience, or facilitate the training! Then within two weeks following the program, submit your Reflection Report to be eligible for reimbursement. (See “What is involved in the Reflection Report?” for more details)

Other important info- The grant recipient (you!) are responsible for the cost outright, and will be reimbursed by check for cost(s) following completion of the event/experience, submission of related receipts, and completion of the full Reflection Report online form (including a blog post or another form of reflection determined by the FJC team and agreed upon with the recipient).

Do I have to do it alone?

We encourage you to involve others in your planning and organizing!

If you apply for the grant with other Cornerstone Alumni, you could be eligible for a larger grant allowance. They don’t even have to be Cornerstone Fellow Alum from your camp!

You also are encouraged to work with other organizations if it supports the goals of your program. Feel free to talk to and partner with your local Hillel, Moishe House, JCC, synagogues, Reboot, OneTable, etc.

Can I apply more than once?

Cornerstone Alumni may submit one application in total (this includes individual applications and as part of a team) per cycle. Alumni are eligible to apply for and potentially receive a grant each year.

When am I entitled to receive my grant money?

After you’ve completed the event or experience, submit follow-up materials within two weeks of the program’s conclusion (including related receipts, completed online form, and Reflection Report). Once FJC has reviewed your materials and approved them, your reimbursement will be processed and sent as a check (USD only).

How Do I Apply?

Fill out an application online to tell us about the prospective Jewish experience, including an implementation plan, an idea of the Jewish content, and a list of resources. If accepted, an FJC team member will follow-up to discuss your plans and to confirm the grant award.

You should expect to hear from FJC within two weeks depending on the time of year.

What is involved in a Reflection Report?

Within two weeks of completing your project, you will be asked to submit a short written reflection on what you learned, experienced, and how you affected others in your community. This should be approximately 500 words.

You may also be asked to submit pictures, video, a program write-up, or other related materials. FJC reserves the right to share these documents in our publications and with the grant’s funders.

This same form will ask you to submit all receipts and details for who should receive the reimbursement check.


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